Well, Clay County citizens, it’s over, and massive change was in the air across the country and a little bit locally. I must admit I truly have mixed emotions about this election. I love the fact that Mr. Obama was finally told no, unsure if he will be able to understand the meaning of that small one syllable word. I guess we’ll find out soon. This is where he gets real dangerous.

No, folks, the real change came locally. You know I am going to get this out of the way early. So we better get started. 35,000 Republican voters in Clay County demonstrated their complete inability to do research about a candidate. Yes, Clay County, your new Auditor is none other than the man ClayCoMOPolitics has been telling you about for some time now, William James Norris. Rumor has it that William James Norris is currently searching Google for Auditing 101 and may be found at the book store looking for a new copy of Accounting for Dummies. Let’s wish him luck shall we, or should he be wishing the county luck?

I’m sorry, but did us rude political nerds interrupt your sports viewing, or did you just blatantly assume that all Democrats are bad and Republicans good? Or, was it the really pretty red signs that he had? You know big signs next to other Republican candidates signs must mean that the candidate is super-duper awesome and overly qualified.

This all might be funny, if it wasn’t so darn embarrassing. Oh well, stay tuned to me and the Tribune over the coming weeks, I’m sure this is going to get interesting. Oh, and Mr. Norris, so much as breathe wrong, I am going to be all over it. That’s a friendly promise.

We have a new Presiding Commissioner with Pam Mason. I’m sorry, but I’m going to come out and say this. I can’t stand Ed Quick philosophically, but rumor has it that Ms. Mason can be a bit challenging to work with. For anyone that follows Clay County politics you know to what I am referring. Unsure if the building contractors have been called in for wall renovations again in the Clay County Courthouse. It will be curious to see how the lawsuit that Mr. Quick took out at the end of the campaign against Ms. Mason will end up. Rumor had it, win or lose Mr. Quick was going to follow through. Stay tuned for more on that as well. The good thing is Ms. Mason does claim to be fiscally conservative, I trust her on that much. Good things may be in store for Clay County tax payers. We can only hope.

The incumbent Tom Brandom was defeated by newcomer Sheri Chapman for County Clerk. Ms. Chapman is a great person and a regular over at the Clay County Pachyderm Club. I hope she keeps coming out, and wish her the best in her new role.

In another demonstration of Republican ignorance we have Jay Lawson arriving as Recorder of Deeds. Mr. Lawson couldn’t seem to figure out which party he was from, or what office he wanted to run for, and those darn Missouri Ethics Commission Reports seemed to really throw him a curve ball. Alas, he’s now taking care of important documents for you down at the Recorder’s office. I feel better, no really, a lot better, thankfully we didn’t get one of those evil Democrats in there. Probably would have voted to keep Obamacare.

In the evidence that your vote really does count column we have a new County Collector. I just cut my property tax check today to the departing Ms. Reeves. Lydia McEvoy will be handling this role now. By the way, she won by 96 votes.

Congressman Graves returns for another term with a decisive win over Clint Hylton 65-35%. Mr. Graves can you just figure on running for US Senate against Cousin’ Claire in 12. Please!?

We were 229 votes away from winning all the Missouri House seats in Clay County. The only Democrat to prevail was Jay Swearingen in Missouri-31. I only hope that he is not as vile of a creature as Trent Skaggs. Time will tell, unfortunately it may get a little lonely down in Jeff City for Mr. Swearingen. I’m declaring right now, we want this seat in 2012. Who wants to run?

Congratulations to TJ Berry, Bob Nance, Ryan Silvey, and Myron Neth for their decisive victories in the other Clay County House Seats. I am so excited about TJ Berry being my house representative, I can’t wait for January. 11/4/2010 Update: Can’t believe I forgot this! Jerry Nolte was also reelected again as a state representative in Missouri-33.

In bigger Missouri races we now have a new US Senator in Roy Blunt. Now, I’m skeptical, and have been hard on Mr. Blunt. I expect him to listen, and suspect he will, but I assure you if he doesn’t I’ll be here to tell you all about it. Oh, by the way have you called Ms. McCaskill’s office to remind her there were about 1,000,000 reasons for her to listen to us. Prop. C and now this. Woman if you don’t listen to the people of Missouri you are equivalent to a tyrant.

Tom Schweich is our new state Auditor. Not sure what’s going to happen with this one. If this guy approaches the job with the same vigor he approaches a speaking engagement, look out Missouri government departments. Unsure if Tom Schweich is making plans to donate to Cousin’ Claire in 2012, what do you bet he doesn’t make that mistake twice?

Finally, thank you Missouri! Prop. A passed with flying colors. I might like living in Kansas City if we can get rid of this earnings tax. Let the liberal union squealing begin. The end of the world is coming for them. On a more sour note. Missouri, why is it when we don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of you pass more regulation for a bunch of stupid dogs. Complete lack of intelligence sometimes. It’s not the big things, it’s the small costs that repetitively add up. Way to go!

  1. Patricia Hagsten says:

    Rep. Jerry Nolte won, as well!!

  2. Lee Ann Zech says:


    Take heart! You are not alone! I am on a mission to stop this runaway train called William James Norris! I have sent emails to hundreds of people in Clay County today, including members of the Clay County Republican Party and have sounded the alarm to stop Norris from assuming the auditor post in January. I’ve been in contact with organzations from the Clay County Board of Elections all the way to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office. I am now armed with the steps needed to make sure that even though Norris has been elected, he can still be stopped from becoming the auditor. I have contacted every television and news radio station, and every local paper as well as Good Morning America and 60 Minutes.

    I have received many responses from SHOCKED Clay County citizens who had no idea what kind of person William James Norris is; and, by the way, I have the full support of everyone who has been made aware of this debacle.

    So, we need to join forces, continue to sound the alarm and win this battle.

    My latest update email to the hundreds of voters tonight included a link to your blog so they can see for themselves how this ridiculous situation unfolded.

    Thanks to you, the rest of us are prepared to make this very, very wrong situation…right.

    Thank you again! If you email me, I will be happy to forward you everything I sent to the voters today.

  3. Don Brown says:

    Ms. Zach,

    You may be trying to stop what has happened here, but I think you will find out that your efforts will end in vein.

    As sickened by this as I am there isn’t much we as voters can do about anyone assuming the duties when voted in by the people. All Norris has to do is prove that he has an “understanding of the theory of accounting” by education or training and he takes office without question.

    Anyone with the knowledge of how to balance a simple checkbook is of the understanding of the theory of accounting. I have never taken an accounting course in my life and even I have a general knowledge of the theory of accounting.

    It is a shame that the state statutes do not require county auditors to hold degrees or professional licensed like they do for the county prosecuting attorney.

    I will leave a link at the bottom of this posting highlighting the rules/regulations that have to be upheld by the Clay County Auditor and every County Auditor in the state of MO.

    If Norris is able to do the job, then it looks like were going to have to give him a chance. No judge in their right mind is going to overturn the word of the people in Clay County.

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