CONFIRMED: William (Bill) James Norris lied about his employment

Posted: November 19, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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Those that have been following my blog for sometime know that I have been all over the Clay County Auditor Elect William James Norris. I was able to obtain his Personal Financial Disclosure. A candidate must file one of these when they run for public office in Missouri. I will remind you that Mr. Norris told the public that he was employed by an Iowa company called All-American Enterprises, a $120 million dollar (or was it $180 million dollar?) company in which he was financial controller.

claimed this in his letter to The Northland Post “Mr. Norris lied to the public about his former employment. He only had two employers between March 30th, 2009 and March 30th, 2010; White Knight Coaches and Custom Limousine Inc. If you will recall Mr. Norris claimed this in his letter to the Northland Post:

“I am the Financial Controller for a company in Central Iowa called All-American Enterprises. I have watched over the day to day business of $180 million dollar company for the last 6+yrs. A position offered to me at the mere age of 21yrs old.”

Norris’ Personal Financial Disclosure locks him into a complete lie. If he had in fact worked for this company then he would have had to claim his employment with “All-American Enterprises.”

The voters need to know that two avenues are currently being pursued to stop this candidate. One is legal action to disqualify him as a candidate. Second, it is thought that Mr. Norris’ claim to be a CPA when he wasn’t may be a Class A Misdemeanor. This will be looked at in time.

Mr. Norris could do the voters a favor and just resign and allow Governor Nixon to make an appointment. I suspect there is no honesty and integrity in the man worth tapping in to, and he will waste other peoples’ time and money by fighting this. Just a reminder, Mr. Norris will be making $66,000 dollars at the beginning of the year for a job he is not qualified for. The tax payers and citizens of this county should be outraged at this!

  1. Sam H says:

    Ok Norris, so the court records show you are a stalker, the state records show you are not a CPA, the William Jewell records show you have no degree and now this proves you to be a liar about your employment. What ever sick game you have been playing is now over. You obviously have no integrity and will be clueless as to how to keep the county’s books. So before you embarrass yourself any further, you should step down and go back to washing limos. Otherwise, the citizens of this county who really care (not the uninformed morons who voted for you) will be watching your every move for the next four years.

  2. Kyle says:

    I think Norris needs a restraining order against Andrew Palmer. According to state statues there isn’t anything anyone can do about getting him removed from office unless he screws up bad. Why fault the guy for having a part time job as a limo driver? I know the guy through a friend and from what I’ve seen he couldn’t possibly have all he has just as a limo driver.

    I will also say Andrew that you are only a blogger and not covered under any protection as if you were a member of the AP. Anything you say about anyone that is untrue you can be held personally responsible for in a court of law. Just ask Pam Mason about being sued by Ed Quick for slander, liable etc…

    Norris is the Auditor. Get off the mans back and let him do the job.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:


      If that is your real name, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was yet again William on the other side impersonating someone else. But at any rate, going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and say it’s you. I was debating on publicly approving your comment, but I figured why not, in the name of openness and transparency. I have copied your comment and will reply to your points below:

      I think Norris needs a restraining order against Andrew Palmer.

      Really? C’mon. Really? For reporting on this and telling the citizens of Clay County what’s going on? Right! I’ll stop as soon as Mr. Norris answers all of the questions that he has created by his own omissions, or he continues to ignore it all and we run in to a complete roadblock.

      According to state statues there isn’t anything anyone can do about getting him removed from office unless he screws up bad.

      We’ll let a lawyer decide on that one. The statutes are vague, no doubting that.

      Why fault the guy for having a part time job as a limo driver?

      Where did I fault him? I think it’s great he had a job as a part-time limo driver, or full time, whatever the case may be. My concern lies with the fact that he stated he had a full-time job as a Financial Controller for All-American Enterprises and either failed to report that to the Missouri Ethics Commission, or completely misrepresented the facts to the voters. That ought to concern you

      I know the guy through a friend and from what I’ve seen he couldn’t possibly have all he has just as a limo driver.

      Huh? I know some people through friends as well, but I don’t vouch for their character unless I really know them. Oh, trust me, he could have what he has by not earning it from employment. I will say no more, but add he doesn’t have it dishonestly and am accusing him of no crime or lack of integrity in terms of how he owns his material possessions.

      I will also say Andrew that you are only a blogger and not covered under any protection as if you were a member of the AP. Anything you say about anyone that is untrue you can be held personally responsible for in a court of law.

      No, I’m a citizen who is standing up for what is right here. I will repeat I will back down once William (Bill) James Norris answers all of these questions with proof. I appreciate your threat, I feel like I am back in middle school here, but that’s ok. As for your claim of not being covered by any protection of the AP. If that is even true, I don’t care, I will stand in the truth, and Mr. Norris can take whatever legal action he may pursue. I’m not concerned, A is A, A is not non-A and you can try and create whatever reality you want to create, Mr. Norris has many unanswered questions here that are pertinent and being legitimately asked. He’s welcome to contact me anytime if he wants to own up to the truth and clear the record.

      Just ask Pam Mason about being sued by Ed Quick for slander, liable etc…

      You know, it’s funny you say that, a little teaser here. I did, I met with Ed Quick last night for a brief discussion over the issues of his with Ms. Mason. Coming soon to ClayCoMOPolitics!

      Norris is the Auditor. Get off the mans back and let him do the job.

      Kyle, for the third time, have Mr. Norris clear up any of the discrepancies I have brought forth with the truth, and I’ll immediately back down and apologize. I don’t expect that to happen any day too soon.

  3. Don Brown says:

    You should be very careful how you word your blogs. Norris’ financial disclosure only provides information on income in which Norris recieved $1000.00 or more dollars in the time period given. Not trying to defend him just saying. Did anyone ever find out if he ever got his public officials bond yet? If he is indeed a criminal they wont issue him one.

    Seems quite trivial to me if he didn’t get the bond then there is no need for law suits or possible criminal charges etc… You seem to fashion yourself an investigator Andrew. Has he filed a bond with the county yet or no?

  4. ClayCoMOPolitics says:


    While I get your point, can you stop and think a minute here? Missouri Election Law requires previous income to be reported. A candidate has to declare all income over $1,000 in the previous year. Ummm… Maybe it’s just me, but if he was a financial controller for a multi-million dollar firm in another state, don’t you think that he would have made over $1,000 in employment? If he failed to report income to the Missouri Ethics Commission wouldn’t he be in violation of the law? Either way, there is something wrong here. I don’t suspect he made less than $1,000 as an auditor in a one year time span. Unless he is a really generous person.

  5. Don Brown says:

    Good points. So did he get the bond or not? If no then all of this is merely babble.

    I read above that you spoke recently with Ed Quick. While you were at it you should have talked to him about the law suit that was filed upon him in 2006 from Jay Lawson trying to disqualify him because of his previous criminal background. The suit would have worked too, except they waited to long to file it. If Norris was going to be sued and removed from this it should have been done while he was still a candidate and not after being elected.

    I read through the auditors statutes awhile back and I am upset that there aren’t more qualifications needed. If Norris can prove that he has a “general understanding of the theories of accounting by educations, training, or experience” he’s in. Unfortunately, he takes office without question. We as voters have obviously been lied to about some things, but again unfortuantely telling lies is not against the law or an act that constitutes removal from office. No judge in my mind is going to overturn the vote of the people because someone things they’ve been lied to. If that happens I will literally be speechless.

    Wouldn’t something like this be very costly as well? A good lawsuit can be thousands or even hundreds of thousands. If Norris fights this and you have to assume he will because he has yet to back off are we really doing the county any good? Would he not have legal recourse if he is sued and wins? As wrong as the man has been in this election I don’t think we are dealing with an idiot here.

    Also, please don’t attack me for this Andrew. I am not a Norris supporter nor am I discrediting you in anyway. I am just raising some talking points in which I think are important.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:


      Thanks for your comments, I take no offense at what you said.

      A couple quick thoughts, this lawsuit will not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I believe that Cathy R. is correct, the statutes do have an ‘and’ statements which although vague, does say quite a bit. If Mr. Norris has lied about previous employment, education, and certification I believe we have a good chance at a case. I should know more here in the next couple of days.

      I am not commenting on the bond for a specific reason right now.

      I get tired of the “will of the people” argument on this one. Rational thought dictates that “the people” didn’t quite do their research and if this guy is in violation of the statutes for office then it doesn’t matter. If you want to take your argument to its complete end, the will of the people elected Richard Nixon and his violation of the law was not a pertinent issue and he should have never been impeached. The sad reality is we learned just how uninformed “the people” are, it’s no wonder we are in the condition we are in as a nation.

  6. Cathy R says:

    Mr. Brown, you are almost correct. The qualifications of the county auditor in a first class non-charter county are a knowledge of accounting theory & practice by education, training AND experience (not OR). The question is really, who determines if Norris meets the qualifications set out by statute. The candidate signs a statement when filing for office that they do meet the qualifications. Who confirms that? And, I disagree with your statement that infers Norris is not an idiot. I believe he is a complete idiot and that he is in way over his head. The best thing that could happen to him is for him to not get bonded and not take office. I will call the county tomorrow and ask if he has filed his bond yet, since that seems to be of utmost importance to you. I guess $10,000 of insurance will make you feel much better about him auditing your county offices and departments and preparing your county financial statements.

  7. Don Brown says:


    Vague at best for sure. Its upsetting to me that the statutes don’t require a degree or a professional license.

    You may get tired of the “peoples will” arguement, but that is the plain truth. Todays Govt wasn’t built on “if only the informed people vote”.

    In response to Cathy R (Im going to assume Rinehart) Norris’ bond isn’t important to me at all EXCEPT for the fact that if he doesn’t get it he doesn’t take office. Clay County increased the bonding amounts in 2006 to try and keep Tom Brandom out of office. The Auditors bond is $100,000 which I know requires a background check and a credit check at that amount. Hell the County Collector has to have a $750,000 bond.

    I would just hate to see someone file a law suit against Norris and have him win easily. With those statutes being so vague, I don’t see how he couldn’t. Almost everyone has a general understanding of the theories of accounting by education training AND experience. Too bad it doesn’t say “Formal” training or “formal” experience. I think that is going to be a problem here. I’m no attorney. I would hate to see someone get into a sticky legal battle with Norris. If you sue him and you lose he has recourse against you. Thats the sad part.

    I think this is going to be a big waste of time and eventually tax payer dollars. Norris takes office on January 3rd so would it even be possible for someone to fill a law suit and have it go through court and get a verdict on it by then? The statutes don’t say anything about holding him up from taking the oath and assuming the duties bc there is a pending legal battle. At least not from what Ive read.

    Have you all looked back at the suit Jay Lawson Vs. Ed Quick in 2006? There are only a few people who have Legal Standing against Norris on this. Jay Jones and later Sheila Ernzen. I know there is also a time limit which I believe is 30 days from the moment of doubt of his qualifications which in this case would be 30 days from the day it was 1st brought to light in the locals papers and im going to say that was back in June/July ish?

    This is a mess for sure.

  8. Cathy R says:

    According to the county clerk’s office, Norris has not yet filed the appropriate bond with their office as of 4:30 today.

  9. Kyle says:

    According to the recorders website Norris has a bond on file.

  10. Cathy R says:

    Kyle, please attach the link. I have looked at the Recorder’s website and cannot find anything relating to Norris’ bond. Thanks.

  11. Tom R says:

    Hey Andrew, keep up the good work! We citizens of CC deserve to know the truth behind this guy. You have my support in getting him to just tell the truth. This is not political for me, just want the real story and not this “fairytale” he cooked up.

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