Freedom loving Americans should boycott all Yum Brands, Inc. stores

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Second Amendment
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I came across an interesting little article in my NRA magazine this month. Apparently Yum Brands, Inc. and, more specifically Pizza Hut has a problem with their delivery drivers defending their lives. Apparently, as an employee of Pizza Hut you should not be able to defend your life if approached by a would-be robber. No, it’s acceptable for the said robber to beat you to death and maybe even kill you, but if you make the choice of defending yourself, even in a state where you have the legal right to do so, you should be fired.

In Charlotte, NC a delivery driver defended himself and the Pizza Hut store front he worked at by killing 2 of 3 attackers who decided that they would rob him at gun point. After being pistol whipped the former sheriff’s deputy decided it was enough and pulled his LEGALLY CONCEALED FIREARM and shot the scum bags. Of course 2 of the individuals that that shot him were convicted felons. Which proves to you progressive liberal fools that more gun control affecting law abiding citizens doesn’t stop criminals from owning guns. It’s a felony for a convicted felon to even possess a firearm, enforce the laws on the books! Who would have thought it, felons don’t follow the law? Now this delivery driver is in danger of losing his job. Pizza Hut apparently has a track record of firing individuals that defend their own lives, and have done so on several occasions. See the article above.

The CEO of Yum Brands, Inc. is David Novak. Yum Brands includes Pizza Hut, KFC, A & W Restaurants, Long John Silver’s and Taco Bell. All freedom loving Second Amendment supporting citizens should boycott these food establishments. I agree with the NRA, Mr. Novak needs to man up, fly down to Charlotte and look this man in the eye and explain to him why his job could be in danger. But I am sure the 2008 recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship won’t have the guts to do it. By the way Mr. Novak, did you know Woodrow Wilson was a progressive and a racist?

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