Letter to the editor concerning William James Norris

Posted: December 1, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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I received this from a Clay County citizen today. It was published in the Liberty Tribune as well.

Clay County Auditor Election

Let me see if I get this straight. The Republican leaning voters, not me, elected a new county auditor who claims to have a degree from William Jewell and the school has no record of him graduating. He claims to be a CPA and the Missouri Secretary of State’s office says that is not the case. Furthermore, he claims to be employed by a company in Iowa named All American Enterprises. The Iowa Secretary of State’s office has no business registered under that name and the Iowa Department of Revenue whom I contacted, has no record of this business. They suggest that it may be operating under another name. Norris declines to verify any of the aforementioned questions, stating that his personal life is personal and not a factor. Sorry, William, you gave up that freedom when you filed and still managed to be elected as the new auditor. This entire saga just doesn’t pass the “smell test” for me. If this individual is going to “take charge of our books” as the Liberty Tribune prints, we as citizens of Clay County are entitled to the truth and should have it before he is sworn into office. Come on William Norris, fess up! Even Slick Willy Clinton finally told the truth in his book, “My Life”. This elected official owes it to us to come clean.

Tom Rickman


Yes, Tom, I think you got that all right. Still waiting on Bill Norris to fess up to all this. At least there was no stain on a dress involved, at least as far as we know.


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