I have as much respect for big government Republicans as I do for Barack Obama and Cousin’ Claire McCaskill. They are just a different side of the same coin. If you were paying attention the last two days you should have noticed something. Today, the Republicans in the Senate stood firm and signed a letter to Harry Reid saying they will filibuster every bill that Harry Reid puts forth for the rest of the Lame Duck session unless they get a vote on the Bush Tax Cuts (Obama Tax Hikes).

Ohhhhh! Big, bad, tough Republicans, right?


Yesterday a bill passed the Senate, S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. It sounds so modern, and benign! Without getting into a large drawn out explanation, it’s yet another huge expansion of government and more regulation. How did those big and tough Republicans vote you ask? Not so tough yesterday, vote total was 75-25. 14 of these big, mean, tough, Republicans voted for yet another expansion of government.

Here is the roll call vote if you’re curious who it was.

I feel so much better now, don’t you?

Wake up, they are playing you for a fool. In 2012 donate money only to the candidates that have stood on principle, tell the RNC good luck until they start to shore up these big government Republicans. I could care less if the party loses seats held by complete progressives like Olympia Snowe or “Shaky Voice” Susan Collins.


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