Clay County to be stuck with William James Norris

Posted: December 20, 2010 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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Well, I can say I tried. Over the last several weeks I have been working with outgoing Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen to see if there was anything within our legal means to remove or disqualify incoming Clay County Auditor Elect William (Bill) James Norris.

The good news is I finally have some truth to report to you. I was forwarded a letter by Sheila Ernzen that came from current Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Dan White. In this letter Mr. White states that Mr. Norris meets the bare minimum requirements to serve as Clay County Auditor.

According to the letter Mr. Norris has:

  • Provided transcripts of classes taken at a Missouri college which include the classes ”
    Credit & Finance” and “Elementary Accounting I.” He has also presented a diploma showing he was graduated Dec. 12, 2003, with an Associates in Arts degree.

This does go to establish that Mr. Norris did in fact lie about his education credentials. He told the Liberty Tribune that he was a 2004 graduate from William Jewell College with a degree in accounting. William Jewell has no record of this degree and it looks like Mr. Norris only has a two year degree, not a four year accounting degree.

The letter also stated:

  • He has provided evidence of a work history providing accounting services to both individuals and businesses.

I find this one most interesting. One wonders where he worked and to whom he worked for? Mr. Norris claimed to have worked for a company in Iowa called All-American Enterprises that no one can find. He also told Clay County Young Republican Chair Christopher Till before the primary that he was an accountant for White Knight Limo, the company I later proved he was in fact a limo driver for. It would be nice if Mr. Norris would have been honest with citizens on this issue. If in fact he really worked for this All-American Enterprises as he claimed, he failed to report that to the Missouri Ethics Commission and is in violation of Missouri campaign reporting requirements. One also wonders why not tell the honest truth in the first place, he obviously had some experience. This is only speculation, but maybe he was involuntarily terminated? At any rate, we still don’t have the complete truth here, and probably never will.

Finally Mr. White’s letter states:

  • He has also served as a tutor to college students taking accounting classes, and has attested and sworn to having read a number of books on governmental accounting.

Huh? This is just weird, attested to reading a number of books on governmental accounting? What is that? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions here.

Note, one important thing not mentioned in the letter. No CPA certification past or present established or provided.

I suppose the good new is that Mr. Norris does have some limited experience and may be able to muddle his way through over the next four years. Sadly, there is little more left to do for the citizens of Clay County, and we are stuck paying this guy $66,000+ per year. One hopes the media in this county does its job over the next four years and keeps its eyes fully focused on Mr. Norris.

William James Norris ought to be ashamed of himself. In a period when we need honesty and integrity in our elected officials we have gotten this, lies and half-truths. I know Mr. Norris has believed that I have been unfair to him. I stand by every word I have written on this blog and do not apologize for any trouble I have caused Mr. Norris. Mr. Norris is still welcome to clear the record at any time with me if he wants.

I just hope the citizens of Clay County wake up at some point. This is a further demonstration of just how irresponsible the voting citizenry is. Most voters do no research, vote party line, and have no clue about their local government. Our government is built upon the concept of ever increasing concentric circles from the local government on up. What we have is a nation that believes the complete opposite, and could care less about what goes on at the local levels. If 200 Republican primary voters had done their research and voted the other way, we would have never gotten here in the first place.

As the preamble of the National Pachyderm Club states, “We get the government we deserve, not the one we wish for.”

Good luck to Mr. Norris and Clay County, I believe we all are going to need it.

  1. Don Brown says:

    So did anyone ever find out if Norris got his bond or not? Its almost time for their swearing in.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      Unsure, I have heard that he has, and then I have heard that he presented the wrong one, and the last thing was that he had only presented half of the bond and not the signatory page. Unsure what the truth is at this point in time? I guess we’ll know in a couple of days.

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