This is a book review connected to my continuing Economics Quest.

End the FedEnd the Fed by Ron Paul

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In my opinion this is a must read for any American remotely interested in understanding modern American history. The story of the last century is a story of the Federal Reserve and its repeated cause of boom and bust cycles through monetary policy. I must admit, I never knew just how much power existed within the manipulation of interest rates.

In 210 pages Paul takes us on a trip through the history of the Fed; his intellectual influences; the importance of having a gold standard and why we must move back to it; a brief history of the current mess; and finally the philosophical, constitutional, economic, and libertarian cases of why we should end the Fed. All major problems have some root cause, and undeniably the root cause of our current mess is the Federal Reserve.

I must admit before I started reading this book I always assumed that Paul was a “typical libertarian.” What I mean by that is that he lived in a fictional philosophical world that could never come true. After reading, I am amazed at Dr. Paul’s knowledge of economic issues and the amount of reading and study he has completed on the topic is unbelievable. Dr. Paul has a solution for America’s woes. Interestingly, I agree with him that this is an issue that crosses all political philosophical boundaries and could win wide support from the sheeple if communicated correctly.

America is in her waning days financially. What’s ironic is we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve in just a few years. The question becomes, will the Fed destroy us, or can we destroy the Fed first? Our future literally hangs in the balance.

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