I stand with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Education, Unions
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I am a teacher. I am not a member of a teacher union, nor will I ever be. Teacher unions, and other public unions, are fully demonstrating why they are so dangerous in Wisconsin. I stand with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and hope that the Republicans in the state of Wisconsin have the courage to stand up to the union thugs that are currently creating havoc and causing trouble in their state capitol.

I would also like to remind you that unions overwhelmingly support Democrats with their dues.

I am a member of the tea party. Because of this, the far left has indirectly called me dangerous, violent, and racist. The problem for the far left, I stand in the truth and the truth is this:

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  2. Tax Payer says:

    I agree with you. Teacher unions have hurt education. They protect many of those that need to be terminated. However, some teachers are wrongfully accused of actions and they do need some kind of representation, but not a union. Teachers should use a lawyer like others who have a job to right the wrongs committed by management.

  3. August J Sauer says:

    We need more Governers like Scott Walker and Gov. Christi of N.J

  4. concerned mom says:

    The tantums are still continuing days after they started.

    Boo Hoo unionized workers get jipped, they have to contribute to their own retirement like other people.
    spoiled brats.
    The puppet masters are the union bosses and the union members are being taken advantage of by them.
    Hopefully Governor Walker will hold fast to his convictions…..and then run for president.

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