The TRUTH in Clay County

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Clay County
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I finally got some help in covering local issues. There has been a new conservative website launched called The Clay County Truth.

This comes from the About page on the website.

What We Do
Our goal is to provide Clay County citizens with a dependable source of information about the important issues being considered by their local & state governments.  We will do this by digging deep into our local & state gov’ts. as well as contacting our area elected officials so everyone can get first hand knowledge of the particular issue we investigate.  In addition, when available we will post complete copies of the Bill, Ordinance, or Resolution under discussion, how area officials voted, and the fiscal result of the passage or defeat of the issue.

In addition we plan to post information on candidates running for elected office, host candidate forums for local & state elections, conduct online polling, and potentially endorse candidates we feel will be best suited for their respective positions.

Who We Are
We are a group of Clay County citizens that believe local government is extremely important to the daily lives of all of us.  To that end, we will make every effort to get each citizen more involved in the legislative process, and we will do our best to provide access to the information required for them to make an informed decision on election day.

What We Believe
An active & informed electorate is essential to insure a responsive & robust government that truly serves the citizens it represents.  As a group we are stronger than when we stand alone.

Their review last week of the Mayoral and Council candidates was well done. This week they have an interesting piece on the Clay County Budget.

  1. Paul A. says:

    NICE! On the info bar it says “The TRUTH created by craigporter based on solutions LTD” Good going Craig!!

    Porters are not Republicans. Katee Porters arrogance disgusts half of the people that work at the county. She is only a commissioner to try and weasle her way into being a judge her in Clay Co which from what I heard will never happen.

    Craig Porter should be ashamed of himself. All I can say is WOW!

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      I appreciate how you backed every one one of your accusations up with supporting evidence and facts. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Porter has been very open about creating the site, I suppose if you were actually involved in Republican politics in Clay County you would have known that. Thanks for coming by and throwing some accusations around, Paul A. Of course, you don’t have the courage to tell us who you are, that’s ok though. I get a lot of that on here, no one with a backbone these days.

  2. Nikki says:

    Hi Andrew – I’m happy to have stumbled across your blog. I wanted to let you know that my husband Dan Krueger (a true conservative) is running for Liberty school board in the April 5 election. Here is a link to a candidate survey he just completed:
    He is a relative unknown so we would love any help you can provide to get his name out.

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