For those that swing by on a regular basis, I must apologize for the lack of content lately. The job that pays the bills has taken up most of my time.

I certainly cannot say that I am excited about going to vote tomorrow, but it is my civic duty and thought I would share who I will be voting for.

I will be casting a vote for Mike Burke for Kansas City Mayor. I am not impressed with either candidate, but with Sly James I get the  impression that the Northland will be relegated to first class tax paying citizen, second class Kansas Citian.

1st District At-Large: Daina Kennedy

2nd District At-Large: Allen Dillingham, Ed Ford has been part of the status quo at City Hall. Mr. Dillingham is a proven businessman who I think can bring a fresh perspective to KC.

3rd District At-Large: Brandon Ellington, really impressed with Mr. Ellington in terms of his approach to this campaign. Not at all impressed with Melba Curls. I am sure neither of these candidates agree with me in terms of political philosophy, I get the impression that Mr. Ellington would bring a fresh perspective to City Hall. He’s passionate about his community, plus he is a UMKC Political Science Alum.

4th District At-Large: John Crawford

5th District At-Large: HA!!!!! Yeah….not voting here.

6th District At-Large: Tracy Ward, fresh ideas, libertarian.

There is no opposition to the career bureaucrat Dick Davis here in District 1. So, we’re stuck with him.

If you live in District 2, I would encourage you to dump Russ Johnson and vote for Aaron Benefield.

  1. Tax Payer says:

    I agree with all of your selections except Mayor, but like you said Burke is the lesser of two lousy candidates.

  2. Tax Payer says:

    oh well, more of the same for Taxus City

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