Liberty School District Board Member Scott Connor Speaks Out

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Education, Liberty Missouri School District
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I received this via email last night and thought I would share it with you. There was a story in the Tribune about an agreement between the Liberty School District and the Liberty Tribune creating a newsletter for the district that would appear in the Tribune. This has apparently been twisted by critics of the district into the Liberty School District is buying favorable coverage. I really don’t know what it is about school boards that create such five year old behavior, but it seems to be a regular thing. Anyway, I see nothing harmful in this agreement and as a community patron this is good for the district because it is informing the patrons of our district.

I know that some conservatives in the district don’t believe in Mr. Connor. I don’t share this opinion, and have found him to be open and honest with me. He is always willing to communicate with school district patrons whether you agree with him or not. Whether you like it or not, that is a leadership skill that I respect. Here is the email that I received from Mr. Connor.

After more than a year of sincerely and proactively communicating with those whose criticism of our school district leadership is constant, full of half-truths and misinformation (including an op-ed piece by Mr. Troy Bell in the Liberty Tribune newspaper a few weeks ago, there comes a time stand up and say something.

So two weeks ago, speaking as LPS-BOE Vice President, I submitted an Op-Ed response ( that was printed in the Tribune.  I attempted to write without emotion and to simply present the facts as they are.  BOE President Bren Abbott also submitted a piece ( that was printed the following week.

Earlier today the publisher of the Tribune has responded to a new set of fabrications. If you ignore everything else in this e-mail, please at least read this article ( and the comments that follow it.  Note this article simply outlines wrongdoing and comes directly from the publisher of the newspaper.

We are all busy with kids, jobs, family issues and more.  I fully admit that, before I volunteered and was elected to serve on the School Board, I was mostly uninterested and uninvolved in school politics.  But it’s come to a point where our teachers, this community…and very soon our own kids are going to be adversely affected by this consistent “movement” against LPS leadership.  We do *not* need a bunch of Board members that always agree on every issue, but we *MUST* elect Board members that are objective and will work to do what is right for our schools, regardless of the politics involved.

Many of us are striving to do just that, as we spend a lot of time working on these issues to help move our school district forward.  I simply ask that you take time to educate yourselves on these issues, and vote your conscience Tuesday.

These are YOUR schools and this is YOUR tax money.  Regardless who you vote for, please VOTE on Tuesday.

Thank you.

  1. Seth says:

    “I really don’t know what it is about school boards that create such five year old behavior, but it seems to be a regular thing.”

    It’s called politics. Notice the nobody accuses the local McDonald’s franchisee of buying favorable treatment in the Tribune. Nobody cares if the did. If McDonald’s doesn’t give patrons what they want, they have plenty of other choices.

    If McDonald’s was funded through property taxes, had limited competition, and was controlled by a board of a few people — it too would become more political.

  2. Tax Payer says:

    Pretty sad situation there in Liberty. They have one of the best school districts in the state.

    Please vote if you live in that district. I think they have taken the lead in headlines over Clay County government.

    Based on what I hear and read, the newly elected officeholders at Clay County are working well together and are implementing good conservative principles.

  3. Let Mr. Conner know that he isn’t going to win this sort of election fighting like that- he has to play offense and say how he is going to help kids and improve education and forcefully push back at efforts to smear him. He sounds like a conservative, and doesn’t understand liberal mentality, which is throw a lot of lies at someone without even seeing if they stick, but throw so much mud the person won’t be able to get out from it. He can’t defend himself from every slander- he needs to go on offense to win this thing. Good luck!

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