Labor Studies Course at UMKC/UMSL Should Outrage Missourians!

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Education, Kansas City, Unions
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There has been a lot of commotion regarding a Labor Studies course at UMKC over the last week or so. The basic summary, if you haven’t heard, is that the professors openly advocated breaking the law and committing violence in the name of advancing unionization.

This just broke on Andrew Breitbart’s about an hour ago.

Please contact your Missouri Representative, Senator, and Governor Nixon’s office. The University of Missouri system should have to answer to this. The University System has gone as far to say that the videos originally recorded and released were creatively edited (they refuse to release the entire tapes of the whole course). They also say they stand by the academic freedom of their professors. Umm….. Last time I checked, promoting illegal tactics toward employers and bringing in a representative of the Communist party to recruit is not “academic freedom.”

It is apparent the University of Missouri system is openly covering for these professors. As a graduate of UMKC, I am appalled and greatly disappointed in the University. This has been done at taxpayer expense and is totally unacceptable!!!!!

  1. Gary says:

    I have friend who was a policeman now retired, he said he stopped a drunk driver one night and the drunk mistakenly handed his Communist party card instead of his drivers license. This was back in the 90’s. The driver was in administration at UMKC. He later said he did some continuing education courses years later and was approached by a professor. He said, “If you joined their club you could get certain perks. Like nicer housing, close parking spots and the such.” He said he had a long walk to class, he turned them down. He said you were guaranteed an A if you joined. He said they were very selective approaching people with high grade averages and those who were doing continuing education, they approached people who had certain types of jobs, like policeman.

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