Democrats Offer No Budget, More Debt, Destruction of America

Posted: May 29, 2011 in 2011 Budget Fight, National Health Care
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All the Democrats have done is demonize the Republicans, give no solutions, and attack the Republicans for trying to kill grandma. Their attack on Medicare is an OUTRIGHT LIE. Yes, the Paul Ryan budget proposal moves in the direction of trying to privatize Medicare, but there is no legitimate evidence that proves that any senior will be harmed. Ryan’s plan doesn’t even affect people over 55, it’s your same old wasteful, bankrupt Medicare. This is fear mongering, and childish games. They haven’t even proposed a budget, and they voted no on Obama’s budget. The debt is still out of control and they have proposed no solutions there, either.

Sen. Jim DeMint lays out the case in this video.

Frankly, I don’t think Paul Ryan’s budget plan goes far enough, I support Senator Rand Paul’s budget. What amazes me is that people actually are starting to believe the Democrats. This is the same party that rammed Obamacare down your throat. The same party that has increased spending outrageously SINCE 2006. Wake up America, you’re like lambs being led to a slaughter, and the farmers are the Democrats.

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