I receive press releases from the government of Kansas City, I often pay little attention to them, but this one caught my eye and I couldn’t help to make a comment on it.

News from City Hall
City Communications Office
City of Kansas City, Mo.
CONTACT: Petrina Gooden, aide to Councilman Reed, 816-513-6513


Councilman Reed to meet with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and national leaders

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Third District Councilman Jermaine Reed will meet with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and other national political leaders this weekend in Washington, D.C. at the sixth annual convening of People For the American Way Foundation’ s Young Elected Officials Network (YEO). Councilman Reed will have the opportunity to discuss innovative local and state policy initiatives with national leaders and more than 200 progressive elected officials from around the country.

“It’s vital for young elected officials to network with each other and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of being the ‘new kids on the block’ in a neighborhood of seasoned politicians,” said Councilman Reed.

Councilman Reed, 26, was sworn-in as a councilman on the Kansas City, Mo., City Council in 2011. At the convening, he will share with other elected officials his experiences working for crime reduction and economic vitality for the Third District.

YEO, a project of People For the American Way Foundation, provides a network of support for young elected leaders to share ideas and discuss issues that affect their common interests and constituencies. The network consists of more than 600 young and progressive city, county, state and federal officials from all 50 states. At the network’ s convening, elected officials will discuss innovative policy solutions for issues including economic development, education, environmental policy, tax reform, immigration, equality, national security and more.

“These elected officials make a difference every day in their home communities,” said Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee City Commissioner and executive director of the YEO Network. “This conference is an opportunity for young, progressive elected officials to exchange ideas with fellow office holders and with national policy leaders. State and local elected officials lay the
foundation for progressive change around the country. The Young Elected Officials Network gives leaders an opportunity to share ideas and come back to their communities with new strategies and solutions.”

Media inquiries about Councilman Reed should be directed to Petrina Gooden, aide to Councilman Reed, 816-513-6513.

Media inquiries about YEO or People For the American Way Foundation should be directed to Miranda Blue or Justin Greenberg, 202-467-4999.

Now, first off, I wouldn’t be celebrating meeting with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. It continues to amaze me how people get caught up in this clown’s title and position. Just ignore the fact that this Secretary of Education never spent a day in the classroom, never was an administrator, and has no degree in education. I fully believe that by the end of President Obama’s term our nation’s education system will be nearly destroyed. So, by all means Mr. Reed, go pick his brain as much as you can.

Secondly, notice the word progressive as it’s sprinkled throughout this press release. Ah, yes, progressives. They always entertain me, considering the fact that the core of their belief system is antipathy towards America and our founding documents. I wonder if Mr. Reed is familiar with the racist roots of the progressive movement? Allow the Hip-Hop Republicans to shed some light on the topic. A little more from Reason.com as well.

I got curious and decided to see who exactly the Young Elected Official’s Network is. It struck me immediately as something probably funded by George Soros. It doesn’t take much research to figure it out. Drop by the front page of the YEO Network scroll down to the bottom and find that it’s a project of the People for the American Way. (Really nice touch on the People for the American Way website, a solidarity fist, which looks strikingly similar to the raised fists used by socialist movements throughout history.) A little research on George Soros’ funding and you find that the People for the American Way is funded by none other than the New World Order nut himself George Soros.

George Soros is one evil man. One  of my favorite George Soros quotes:

“It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out,” (The Independent, June 3, 1993 “THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BUILT ON CHAOS – GEORGE SOROS.”)

Very nice! He has a god complex and is a billionaire. That will end well!

Oh, let’s not forget his anti-Semitic remarks either:

– In a 1998 interview with Steve Kroft, Soros was asked if he felt guilty about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager. He responded, “No.” George Soros 60 Minutes Interview – 12/20/98

– “I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence–but I don’t want to be part of it.” That experience notwithstanding, Soros has chosen to exclude Israel and Jewish causes, by and large, from his massive philanthropy-a decision that has caused comment among one of his colleagues in the financial community, particularly those who are strong supporters of Israel. In Hungary, Soros has been subject to anti-Semitic attacks. Referring to being a target, Soros, in his book “Underwriting Democracy,” wrote, “I am ready to stand up and be counted.” When I mentioned that rather suggestive line to Soros during one of several extended interviews with him, he responded quickly, “Right. It took me a long time.”


He continued, “My mother was quite anti-Semitic, and ashamed of being Jewish. Given the culture in which one lived, being Jewish was a clear-cut stigma, disadvantage, a handicap-and, therefore, there was always the desire to transcend it, to escape it.” He confirmed what someone had told me-that his family name had long ago been changed from Schwartz. “So the assimilationist Jews of Hungary had a deep sense of inferiority and it took me a long time to work through that,” he said, adding, however, that he succeeded in doing so many years ago… “I am escaping the particular. I think I am doing exactly that by espousing this universal concept”-of open society. “In other words, I don’t think that you can ever overcome anti-Semitism if you behave as a tribe… the only way you can overcome it is if you give up the tribalness.”

(Source: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SOROS by CONNIE BRUC, The New Yorker, January 23, 1995 http://www.scribd.com/full/41008029?access_key=key-1akmk6l4oun8ydlm6yem)

For more on Mr. Soros, and his insanity, please check out this. It’s complete with citations. So you can do your own research.

A couple questions for Councilman Reed? Does he know what groups and people he is involved with? Does Councilman Reed realize that these organizations are very far out of the mainstream of American political thought, or is he just another useful idiot of the progressive left?

Kansas City is a mess as it is, let’s institute some progressive policies and see how we can destroy it!

Young Elected Officials Network (YEO)

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