Be Wary of the Independent/Moderate/(Often Uninformed?) Voter in 2012?

Posted: June 7, 2011 in 2012 Elections, Presidential Election
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Check out this polling data from Rasmussen Voters Now See GOP in Congress Nearly As Extreme As Democrats

I worry it demonstrates that the Independent/Moderate/(Often Uninformed?) voter doesn’t buy into the ideological agenda of either party. It seems they buy into the Democrat messaging a little less, though, which is good to see (43% think GOP extreme, 47% see the Democrats as extreme, 16%-18% are undecided and probably are way more concerned about the inner workings of American Idol). This could be a huge issue for Republicans in 2012. The main stream media controls so much of messaging for Democrats to the average Joe because they can’t turn off the main stream media sources, their TVs are locked onto ABC/CBS/NBC and they don’t know, or care to know, they’re being fed propaganda. Tea Party and New Media sources are slowly changing that, but I’m curious if it’s going to be enough? I still don’t see how Obama can win in 2012 (with the exception of one scenario, see below), IBOPE Zogby has his “deserve to be reelected” number at just above 40%, and it’s been locked their for months.

I’m curious what people think. What’s driving this? Too much social issue focus, maybe (not sure I buy that)?

Is this creating an opportunity for a third party candidate run in 12? Romney actually may be able to appeal to moderates (polling is demonstrating this), I for one cannot vote for Mitt Romney if he’s the nominee, and would probably outwardly advocate for a third party candidate more focused on a conservative Tea Party platform. Yes, I’m fully aware this could get Obama elected, and the damage a second Obama term could cause America. I’m beginning to think this is the consequence of years of ignorance by Americans. There really is two distinct factions in the Republican party, RINOs and conservatives, and we’ve seen this play out since the days of Ford/Reagan. The Republican party started as a third party, and if it continues on it’s path may give birth to a new party in American politics. I’m not outwardly saying I want that, but if they keep running McCains & Romneys, bring on the 3rd party, please!

It’s really early, so this of course can all change, especially as the mainstream voters force themselves to tune in. Plus, unemployment is not going to improve, and we’re looking at depression level unemployment right now.

Fire away with comments, would love to hear your thoughts.


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