The Fundamental Problem With American Education

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Education
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I have been saying this for years now, the fundamental problem with American education is the fact that American history is not valued as an important subject and we’re not teaching it. The 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results are in for the American history assessment, and it continues to be a nightmare!

Only 13% of high school seniors, 18% of 8th Graders, and 22% of 4th graders scored at proficient. For you non-education folk, proficient is usually defined as 70% or above on an assessment. I tried to figure out at what specific percentage they award proficient on the assessment, but could not.

What’s really scary about this is that scores have actually improved since 1994. So, we have literally an entire generation of people out there that know little about American History. The results from the Civics NAEP are just as bad. Really it’s worse, scores have actually dropped since 1998 for High School Seniors.

While the statistical evidence exists that we struggle in all the core subjects, the other subjects are irrelevant if people do not buy into the society they live in!

Have you seen America recently? Have you seen some of the filth that runs for public office (Weiner!)? Do you realize how few people vote, and of those people how few are actually informed? (Need I bring up William James Norris? Yeah, it’s been a while, what the heck!) Do you realize how many people think politics is stupid, and they are more concerned about the next American Idol?

I hate to break it to you….but this is not going to end well for us if this continues.

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