William James Norris, Clay County’s Very Own Anthony Wiener?

Posted: June 17, 2011 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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"Hey, lay off my buddy William James Norris! They were only restraining orders."

I’m currently attending Right Online, and a thought occurred to me today, I haven’t said much lately about my old buddy William James Norris. I thought I might tap back into my inner Andrew Breitbart at 12:30 in the morning, so here I am pounding away at the keys.

A thought occurred to me, is William James Norris our local Anthony Wiener? The reason I ask is we know that Mr. Norris has had some past problems with the ladies. Just reference my past blog posts on the issue.

Now I’ve heard some rumblings since Norris’ election, and those rumblings aren’t good. I haven’t felt the need to do much because I always figured our morally exceptional Clay County Auditor would eventually hang himself.

Rumor has it, the hanging may be on the horizon. I received a phone call today from a trusted source. There may be a very good reason to keep an eye on NBC Action News in the coming days. And said news station may be doing a story on Mr. Norris.


  1. Paul A. says:

    Is this the same story that is talking about Sheila Ernzen stealing $ from the tax payers by filing for unemployment and getting it when elected/appointed officials are not eligible to receive it? Word on the street is there is going to be a criminal investigation conducted in regard to that.

  2. Tax Payer says:

    Wow, if that is the case, she can kiss her CPA goodbye and apparently, her job if she has one.

  3. disappointed says:

    No CPA? No job? Criminal record? Sounds like the exact type of auditor candidate the voters in Clay County like. Now, if she likes pokerstars.com and is a good liar, Ernzen will be good to go and we can say good bye to the current Clay County Frauditor, Bill Norris.

  4. No_Telling says:

    Though an elected office, Ernzen was appointed to the position by the governor.

  5. Beyond Belief says:

    The noose is tightening Mr. Norris! Can’t wait!!! I get a front row seat when you fry!!!! Going out on a very short limb here but knowing Bill’s past performances I can guarantee the two posts above attacking the former auditor are authored by none other than Mr. Norris! Wouldn’t be the first time……

    • Good Bye Norris says:

      I’ll be seated next to you watching!!! He has so much in store for him coming in the next few months, it’s unreal….kiss your position “GOOD BYE” Norris!!!

  6. Baje says:

    Everyone be sure to tune in to NBC tonight at 10:00- a lesson on what happens when you ignore your gut

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