A source contacted me early in the day on Thursday claiming that Cherie Warren, an employee in the Clay County Auditor’s office was busted for meth possession. Cherie Jannet Warren was arrested 6/16/2011 in Johnson County Kansas for felony possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal damage less than $1000. The record is available on the Johnson County Kansas Courts website, for a direct link please click here. I have confirmed that Ms. Warren has not been in the Clay County Auditor’s office for several days.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ms. Warren has had some financial troubles over the last year. A search on Casenet shows a couple financial judgements against Ms. Warren and a Richard Warren. Richard Warren is Ms. Warren’s ex-husband. One judgment of about $4000 is to Liberty Hospital and the other judgement is to the Department of Revenue for a tax lien.

Now devoted followers of my meanderings will remember William James Norris and his passionate defense of Cherie Warren back in February. Mr. Norris was upset about his budget and felt that Ms. Warren was being shortchanged on salary.

This incident brings up a whole bunch of problems.

Cherie Warren is close to Vic Hurlbert. Vic Hurlbert is currently Clay County Commissioner Pam Mason’s husband. Apparently, Mr. Hurlbert has been a long standing friend of Ms. Warren’s father.

I am going to put this out here as a theory, I’m tired of keeping it to myself. Mr. Hurlbert knows something about the origin of our anti-hero William James Norris. I would go as far to say that Mr. Norris was recruited by Mr. Hurlbert knowingly to run against incumbent Sheila Ernzen. Without going into much detail, there is some bad blood between Hurlbert and Ernzen.

Now, I find it interesting that Commissioner Mason actually voted for the funding increase for Norris’ office back in January. I think at this point it’s fairly obvious that Ms. Mason probably knows more about Mr. Norris than she has claimed in the past.

It’s time for Ms. Mason and Mr. Hurlbert to tell the people of Clay County the truth. What do you know about William James Norris and how long have you known it?

For the record, I take no delight in Ms. Warren’s downfall. It appears that maybe her life has been falling apart and  she finally has hit bottom. There is no humor in that. It’s my hope that she is able to find the proper help and get herself back on track to lead a productive life. This does further call into question the judgement of William James Norris. We know for a fact that he lied about his qualifications for the office of auditor. Ms. Warren was brought in to cover his inability to do the job. Now Ms. Warren has proven to be incompetent as well. It would be nice if Mr. Norris would do the right thing and just resign so this charade will finally be over. The tax payers of Clay County deserve far better than this!

  1. James Greer says:


  2. Sam H, says:

    Really? First the voters elect a liar and woman beater into office. Now his favorite new employee is busted for meth! That’s just the kind of model citizens we need working for us taxpayers, especially as auditing watchdogs. Billy boy should give that girl a promotion and a raise. She certainly meets his standards and qualifications!

  3. Me says:

    I love it, William Norris is going to fall flat on his face with NOTHING to catch him!!! He has failed not only himself, but all of Clay County. Great job Mr. Norris, great job.

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