Something positive! Hat tip to Rep. Myron Neth and his newsletter for this kernel of information. Liberty has been name the 3rd most family friendly town in America! It’s days like this I seriously question our motives for buying in Kansas City, at least we are in the Liberty School District.

Family Circle magazine has selected Liberty as their 3rd most family friendly town in America. Awesome! I love representing my hometown!!!!

You can find the whole article here.  Following is what they had to say.

Liberty, Missouri
Jenny DeVry, 45, knows there’s no such thing as school rivalry in this close-knit Kansas City suburb. Her 16-year-old, Kate, attends Liberty North High School, but the rest of the family-husband Hank, 51, Claire, 15, and Henry, 12-regularly attend games and parades at Liberty High as well. “This is a community with a lot of old-fashioned traditions, like supporting one another,” says Jenny, a patient coordinator at an orthodontist office. The town also takes care of its kids: In recent years voters have approved $104 million in bonds to construct new schools and update existing ones. There are also ample park lands, miles of bike trails and the 146-acre Fountain Bluff Sports Complex. “Children here are given plenty of opportunities to follow their interests, whether it’s playing basketball or joining the debate team,” says Hank. “Liberty is a one-of-a-kind place.”

Good Deeds
The 200 members of the Liberty Giving Circle each contribute $300 a year to local charities, including a food pantry and a thrift store.

Population: 30,192
Median Income: $64,409
Median Home Price: $138,750
Households with Kids: 37%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 19:1
Great Schools Rating: 8

  1. Jeff Watt says:

    You should move to Liberty and save the E Tax! Lots of great houses on this side.

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