Clay County to begin limited tax collections

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Clay County
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Lydia McEvoy contacted me through email recently stating this was coming. Clay County announced it on their website yesterday. Sounds like a good deal for Clay County citizens. Below is a copy of their release.

At Monday’s commission meeting, Clay County officials approved resolutions allowing the County to accept tax payments for municipalities within Clay County.

County Collector Lydia McEvoy announced that North Kansas City, Kearney, Birmingham and Avondale have entered into agreements with the County to have their city tax bills collected by the County Collector’s Office.

“This new process will streamline tax payments for citizens,” said McEvoy. “A single office will collect payments and provide customer service. This ‘one-stop shopping’ approach will allow our partner municipalities to redeploy staff and resources and will allow the citizens of those municipalities to utilize one central location for all local tax payments.”

Currently citizens must make separate payments to the city and county in which property is owned.

The arrangement calls for participating cities to pay a small percentage of collections as a fee to the County for collecting their taxes. However, McEvoy believes those fees will be more than recouped by participating municipalities in the form of cost savings and improved collections.

“We’ve struck the right balance with the fee structure, “said McEvoy. “Clay County will have to front significant costs to implement city collections, but those costs should lessen as the program develops. I believe it is important for Clay County to provide this service to its municipalities.”

The fees generated will be split among the County’s general fund, the Assessor’s Office and the Tax Maintenance Fund, a statutory fund that independently finances additional costs and expenses incurred in the Collector’s Office.

The County plans to add further municipalities in the coming months and years.

“We have delivered a uniform collections offer to all the municipalities in Clay County except Kansas City,” said McEvoy.

“We hope to bring on Smithville shortly and work our way towards collecting for every municipality in Clay County by next year.

Kansas City was exempted from this year’s offer because it presents unique collections issues. In April, McEvoy met with officials from Kansas City and plans to collect for them next year.

McEvoy believes the Collector’s Office can handle the increased workload without additional staff, although there will be significant demands on the software used by the office.

  1. Tax Payer says:

    Here here !! Great work Lydia.

  2. […] to update the County’s software system, and thought that helping other municipalities tax collection was a good idea, I just don’t believe she has always acted with the interests of the tax payers in […]

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