NBC Action News Confirms Probe Into William James Norris’ Offenses

Posted: July 25, 2011 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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This was posted on NBC Action News’ Website at 8:45 PM: Sources confirm probe into Clay Co. Auditor William Norris’ offenses uncovered by NBC Action News. Apparently the Clay County Prosecutor’s office has initiated a probe into Norris’ past to see if he has a felony background. This would in turn bar him from being able to hold public office.

A couple interesting things to mention about this piece. Just wanted to rehash some old stuff here, but it demonstrates once again that I was just looking out for the folks of Clay County.

“During his campaign, he claimed to be a CPA. Missouri officials say that’s not true.”

In an email through Facebook back on July 9th, 2010 Norris told me:


I had this same question yesterday from one of my supporters. I am licensed in the state of MO. I got a letter from the state 6 months or so ago stating that I needed to update my continuing education for my licensure. It is an every 5yr thing. I’m not sure if they remove you from the website when the time frame expires or not. Back when I received the letter I did not intend to renew the license as I was not using it or even doing work pertaining to public accounting. I have taken care of this however since deciding to run for auditor. Should be listed again soon.



From the article:

He also claimed to be a graduate of William Jewell. Officials at the college say that is not true.

Told you so!

And the best part of the whole article, this kind of makes you chuckle:

“I have never plead guilty to, or been convicted of a felony,” Norris said by e-mail. “Any legal matters I have ever been a part of have been misdemeanor offenses or have been pled down to misdemeanor offenses with a term of probation of the suspended imposition variety.”

Now, isn’t that comforting! Offenses, plural not singular, that were only misdemeaors. I feel better.

So, let me get this straight; Norris isn’t a CPA, no degree from Jewell, and is not coming in to the Auditor’s office to do a job he couldn’t do even if he was there. Cherie Warren was brought in to cover his butt, but she was arrested for meth possession and is now gone. Who in the world is running the Auditor’s office?

Mr. Norris, it’s time to resign! Do the right thing and tell all! I’m willing to listen and let the people see anything you want to say. Own your past mistakes, acknowledge that you have done wrong, tell us how you got involved in this in the first place. Save yourself the embarrassment of what is about to ensue. Apologize to the citizens of Clay County. And most importantly, as someone who is an educated professional, go get some help. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom to change, the question becomes, is this your rock bottom?

  1. Angela Turner says:

    I am the mother of one of Bill’s MANY victims. He is still spinning this story & telling out right lies! There have been multiple restraining orders taken out against him by several girls. He has plead guilty multiple times to violating these restraining orders (my daughter was one of these). He plead guilty to felony stalking & harassment (my daughter) and in a separate case plead guilty to aggravated assault involving another one of his victim’s new boyfriends. These were not all part of the same plea as Bill tried to spin it to the Star. I find it very funny that he tried to make it sound as if he was a changed man. Funny how he did not mention that there is a current investigation into him for yet a new victim of his harassment, stalking, cyber bullying, identity theft & more! Also find it funny that he did not mention that while he was on probation (three separate five year deals to run concurrently, doled out by two separate counties), he violated his probation by having yet another restraining order issued against him from the Platte County court. He is not a one time offender, he is not a victim of a young romance turned sour, he is a sociopath with a very long history & pattern of behaviors! And thanks to a very thorough (over 2 month) investigation by mr Russ Ptacek of NBC Action News, now everyone will know exactly what kind of a man Bill really is! I have assisted Mr Ptacek with his investigation & can guarantee you that everything in his piece on Mr William James Norris is 100% factual and Mr Ptacek has the proof to back it ALL up! No matter how Bill tries to spin this or out right lie, it won’t work! Not this time!!!! FINALLY JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED FOR MY DAUGHTER, ALL THE OTGER VICTIMS & ALL OF THEIR FAMILIES!!!!! And, finally tHe voters of Clay Co will see him for what he truly is, a MONSTER!!!! I would hope in the future that this woukd serve as a lesson to the voters, research the candidates! Google them, look them up on case net, do your homework!!! All this info was readily available tonanyone that would’ve taken the time to look! Thank you Andrew for all you’ve tried to do with this blog of yours & most importantly THANK YOU RUSS PTACEK for taking this story on & not giving up! WE ARE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT!!!
    My name is Angela Turner & my daughter was one of this monster’s victim.

  2. Christopher Till says:

    Ms. Turner,

    Tell your daughter thank you for her courage to stand up and not let this stand. She has potentially saved many more girls lives from being harassed the way she and many others unfortunately were. Andrew and I, along with many others, have been fighting him for a long time. I feel for your daughter and your family and hope that justice is done. Thank you so much for doing what is right. As the father of a 3-year old little girl I hope my daughter will grow up and have the same courage that your daughter does.

    Best Regards and Warm Wishes,
    Christopher Till

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