Clay County Auditor William James Norris Resigns

Posted: August 18, 2011 in 2010 Elections, Clay County Auditor
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This was posted at 3:07 PM this afternoon on NBC Action News website, William Norris resigns as Clay County Auditor. According to Norris’ letter he needs to focus on his family and personal matters.

I have very little to say with regards to Mr. Norris. I appreciate that Mr. Norris has decided to do the right thing. I also hope that Mr. Norris is able to get the help that he so desperately needs. At some point in the future, I hope he is able to return to a productive life as a citizen of Clay County.

Personally, I think the most frustrating thing of this whole ordeal, and the thing that matters the most, is that the citizens of Clay County were so inept in choosing the right candidate for the job. The fact that people can’t take time to do a little research is discouraging, and frankly an embarrassment. You want to know why we’re in such bad shape as a nation? This is a prime example. It’s not just corrupt politicians, it’s not just dishonest politicians, it’s apathy and a lack of appropriate involvement by the people that cast their ballots. How else do you get corrupt politicians? In the end, the question is, will we learn from this? One can only hope.

  1. Angela Turner says:

    I personally do NOT wish him the best, I wish for him the prison cell he so richly deserves!
    And FYI: he ONLY did the right thing by resigning because police raided his house the night before and he knows what they’re going to find is going to move him from their #1 suspect to defendant status.
    According to a professional in the mental heLth community, Mr Norris is a classic example of a Sociopath.
    My family & I can not wait to finally see him get what he deserves!
    Thought for Clay Co, want a great fundraising idea guaranteed to bring in lots of money? Offer to the highest bidder the opportunity to close Mr Norris’ prison cell door closed behind him! I know we’d give everything we have to do it & there are plenty just like us!!!!

  2. Tom Joad says:

    “I look forward to spending more time stalking and shifting through the trash of my ex-girlfriends, posting naked photos of my friends’ sisters online, surfing porn sites and gambling online,” said Norris. He also plans to seek a position better suited to his background as a test pilot, best-selling author, nuclear engineer, stuntman, neurosurgeon and Nobel Prize winning economist.

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