Well, Missouri Legislators are back in session. Odds are good this is not a good thing, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. I received this update from my state representative, T.J. Berry. I thought I would put it up. I especially enjoyed his response to Clay County Assessor Cathy Rinehart’s letter that you should have received with your property tax assessment list. It seems Ms. Rinehart is busy trying to save the folks some money. That’s good when you consider all the money the sexual harassment law suits cost us a few years back. She’s apparently older and wiser this year, she has dumped the proposal to assess vehicles by weight. I guess she’s trying to focus her energies. For the record, I don’t support her idea to allow assessors to choose which assessment guide they use. NADA is the most accurate and well recognized source for automobile values in the country. Furthermore, as Representative Berry states below, we don’t need a different set of standards from one county to the next. It seems to me Ms. Rinehart is trying to look conservative and suck up to the voters. Don’t fall for it, she needs to go.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you the best in the New Year.


Missouri legislative session begins each year at noon on the first Wednesday after the first Monday in January. We will be in session through the second week in May.


The newly drawn redistricting maps were completed in early December. There has been a drastic change across the state. The 35th district has been split by our Appellate Court Judges into the new 12th and 38th House Districts. I now reside in the new 38th District. Redistricting lines will not take effect until the election of 2012. I will continue to represent the 35th District for twelve more months.

The Smithville area of Clay County has been added to the 12th Senatorial District. The district now includes over 183,000 people and all of Ray, Caldwell, Clinton, Andrew, Holt, Atchison, DeKalb, Nodaway, Gentry, Harrison, Worth, and Davies Counties.

Links to the new maps are below; Please take a look to see which of the new districts you live in.

State Senate: New Senate Districts

State House: New House Districts 

Personal Property Tax 

Everyone should have recently received a letter from the Clay county assessor’s office dealing with vehicle property tax assessment. This is the second year the Assessor has requested the ability to use either the Kelly Blue Book or NADA value. It is important to use the same standard across the state’s 114 counties. The Assessor would like to make this decision at the discretion of their office. I have a reluctance to grant politicians the ability to manipulate tax revenues during election cycles. I would welcome your input on this matter.

Bill Information

If you would like to track legislation you may log on to www.house.mo.gov and select “Bill Information” and then select “Bill Tracking”. You may search by topic or bill number. If you want to track the bills that I have either sponsored or co-sponsored, just enter my last name and you will be able to look at each of those also.

Capitol Reports

If you know anyone who would be interested in receiving this Capitol Report, they can click the “Capitol Report Signup” button on my member home page at www.house.mo.gov and enter the appropriate information to receive the Capitol Report. As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact my office at (573) 751 – 2238 or by email at TJ.Berry@house.mo.gov.

Until our next update, I am in your service.

  1. Jim Murray says:

    I think Ms Rinehart is confused in many arenas, she raised property taxes for most of us while home values dropped drastically.
    I am not sure she understands simple economics.
    I agree that she needs to lead the way out of the courthouse along with several other Politicians.

    A little group of mutual backscratchers got elected together now they need to be sent home together.

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