Anybody tired of this thing, yet? I know I am. Politically, this has been one of the most confusing things I have ever seen.

Early on I was a Ron Paul supporter. I somehow convinced myself that Paul was not that bad on foreign policy, and then I started to hear his words. I always knew he was a traditional libertarian with regards to foreign policy, but I never realized just how ideologically driven he was. Yes, I agree, we could pull back some of our troops. Where I vehemently disagree is on the issue of the Middle East. I do not buy the argument that we were attacked because we have been bombing Iraq for years. I’m sorry Dr. Paul, radical Islamists want to kill us because they think we are “infidels.” Read their own words!

We have seen the Ron Paul foreign policy implemented twice in the modern era, first with Jimmy Carter and now with Obama. You cannot talk with insane people and expect them to see reason. Radical Islamism is the Communism of our time.

What is really frustrating on Dr. Paul is that he is right on so many issues; the Fed, individual freedom, and the size and scope of the Federal government. I just can’t do the foreign policy stuff.

After my Ron Paul awakening I switched to Herman Cain. There was was a lot to like about Cain, he had that grassroots appeal that the Tea Party was looking for, he had a tax plan that was bold and new (and sounded like we were getting a pizza), and….he had a ladies problem. Oh, wait, I forgot that was the “mainstream media trying to tear apart a black man.” Um, no, sorry, he had a ladies problem, and the last one greatly appeared to demonstrate he had an integrity problem.

I was in search of a new candidate and along came a highly intelligent former house speaker and his 21st Century Contract with America. Yeah…. I probably should have done my research on this one. Newt Gingrich is a mess, and the more I read the more I realized that I had been duped. (Psssst…. Gingrich supporters, it’s okay to admit you were wrong.) The thing that put me over the top was this:


Add to that the articles that came out yesterday about Gingrich’s attacks of Reagan, see them here, here, and here. Gingrich is not telling you the truth about who and what he is. And do you really want to give the media so much red meat?

After my week of confusion with Newt, I decided it was time to support Bachmann. Yeah, I know, not the greatest candidate, but in terms of the issues she was the most consistent and really the only true Tea Party candidate that was ever in the race. Iowa ended that for me.

At this point, I’m not even sure what to think anymore.

I’m left with two options. In February I will vote for Rick Santorum in our statewide non-binding primary (assuming he survives that far). If it comes down to Gingrich, Romney, and Paul I will support Mitt Romney (just vomited in my mouth).

  1. abby says:

    I feel like you do way too much can we vote today and just be done with this. Yesterday on Cavuto Trump once again hinted about a third party run which we all know hurts the R side. The bottom line is I will vote R no matter who the establishment R’s think we should run because the thought of O getting re-elected scares me more than I can state. I liked Cain for his non political career and the talk of revising the tax code, I liked Bachman for wanting to make things better and I lean towards no one now because I lived through Newt the first time and Romney well that is O light.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      Your first sentence makes no sense. While O light is a completely fair assessment of Romney, this may be the reality we are faced with. I agree I’m voting R no matter what at this point, but we won’t win with Newt. Thanks for stopping by!

      • abby says:

        What I meant is I am tired of all debates, the political ads, the back and forth bickering. I just want to vote today and be done with it. This is going to be a long year. It seems like each election of the POTUS gets longer and longer in the campaigning and this year we have so many on the R side that is getting out of hand. It is kind of like putting Christmas out in June.

      • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

        Makes sense.

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