Congratulations to @RickSantorum

Posted: February 8, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Presidential Election
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I would just like to congratulate Rick Santorum on his victory in the three contests last night. You will hear people discount and belittle these victories, but they matter greatly. Yes, Missouri’s delegates are not bound, but people voted yesterday. The real significance is that people voted without Gingrich on their ballot. It is time for Mr. Gingrich to go bye-bye.

I want to reiterate, Santorum by no means is perfect. He is the best of what is left.

Some fascinating numbers I was looking at this morning:

Total raised by Mitt Romney so far, $56.4 million; Rick Santorum, $2.1 million. Total raised from Securities and Investment; Romney, $6.1 million; Santorum, $49,500. Romney’s largest donors; Goldman Sachs ($499,000 alone), JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group, Citigroup, and Bank of America. Santorum’s top donors: United Health Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Achristavest, Kimber Manufacturing, and El Dorado Holdings. There is not one bank in the top 20 Santorum donors.

If you can, consider donating to Senator Santorum’s campaign.

I’m planting the Santorum sign in the yard this morning.

It is important to remember that our delegates are still not bound. Make sure you get out and participate in the caucus in March. I’ll post details when I have them.


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