The 2nd installment of You Better Wake Up! News that matters, news that ought to concern you.

There has been lots of chatter about Fox News and the controversy surround Media Matters that The Daily Caller broke recently. Interesting piece on Glenn Beck that is connected to this. Beck has been the only conservative personality with the guts to take on George Soros and the Progressive left. Glenn Beck and the Death of Free Speech

Missouri’s own Senator Roy Blunt is standing firm against the Obama administration on the issue of religious conscious. I’m not a big Roy Blunt fan, but I’ll stand with him on this issue. Have you joined the “We are all Catholics now” movement? I called Cousin’ Claire’s office yesterday, she doesn’t know how she will vote. If you haven’t heard, Sen. Reid decided to jam up the schedule to avoid a vote on this bill, David Barton explained what is going on yesterday on Beck’s show. Please call again today and express your concern that the Democrats would use Senate rules to jam this up. Cousin’ Claire’s number is 1-202-224-6154.

Have you heard the survey? Supposedly 98% of Catholics use contraception. Yeah, you might want to read this.

Fast and Furious is like Obama’s Watergate, only this time people died. Nice to see the Crier of the House John Boehner put on the spot on this issue. He claims he supports Rep. Issa’s attempt to hold the Department of Justice accountable.

Watch Judge Napolitano tell you the truth, it’s about “them,” not about “us.” “When good people do nothing, bad things happen.”

The Tea Party featured patriotic American’s showing respect and peaceably assembling. The Occupy movement featured the rape of women. What do liberals do, deny it of course. This from the group of people that “defends” women. Right…..

What is Sarah Palin up to? “All bets are off” in the event of a brokered convention? Huh?




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