The mask continues to come off of the Obama administration. This president hates the second amendment. In his most recent budget Obama tries to remove a provision that prevents future Fast and Furious style operations. We have an Attorney General that is essentially guilty of involuntary manslaughter of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and a President that refuses to acknowledge his justice departments role in that death. WAKE-UP!

Senator Santorum owned Charlie Rose on the CBS Morning Show this past week. Watch Santorum call out the double-standard of the media.

Kill Switch: The FBI might shut-off your Internet March 8th?

Representative Allen West sets the record straight on the history of the Republican party and black history. Please share this video far and wide!

The economy is great, 22 months of job growth, Obama has saved us…. except real unemployment is 15% according to the Congressional Budget Office.

YES! Finally, a conservative that can explain income inequality. Thank you Senator Santorum.

“Radical Islamist’s do not exist!” screeches the leftists who are blind to reality. Take for instance this guy who was headed to the US capitol to blow himself up. Thankfully the FBI had sold the moron fake explosives. Terrorist fail!




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