Market strategist Bob Janjuah asks, “Why are our leaders trying to resurrect communism?” I say good question. The average American says, “Communism, what’s that?”

Iran warns that suicide bombers are poised to strike the U.S. That is comforting…..

Gallup surveys finds that the unemployment rate has climbed to 9%. They run their survey numbers before the government and they usually are in parity with the numbers that come out the first week of the month. Uh, oh, the narrative the economy is improving will soon be shot. Now what, Barry?

This one is just fun. Allen West mocks liberal blogs like Think Progress in a recent speech. Man, I love this guy!

The individual vs. the George Soros machine. Glenn Beck explained last night on The O’Reilly Factor.

Proof that we do not live in a free-market system anymore. Documents show the FCC used their power to bully competitors of LightSquared. LightSquared is beginning to look a lot like Solyndra.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio briefed presidential candidate Rick Santorum on his Obama probe. Results will be released on March 1st. I have a feeling what Sheriff Joe releases will be ‘interesting,’ to say the least.


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