H/T to the Liberty Tribune.

Eastern Commissioner Katee Porter and Western Commissioner Larry Larson are running for reelection.

It appears that Larson will have a primary and will face former western commissioner Gene Owen and David R. Peironnet.

County Assessor has five candidates interestingly Tom Brandom will be challenging Cathy Rinehart. That should be interesting and I wish Mr. Brandom luck. This county will not miss Ms. Rinehart if she is defeated. Republican Assessor candidates include Phil Wilson, Donald Jobe and Jesse Leimkuehler. I have never heard of any of these gentleman.

Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen will face off against Michael Till. Mr. Till is the father of Clay County Young Republican President Christopher Till. The county will do well by either one of these candidates.

Democratic Sheriff Bob Boydston will face a primary challenge as well from Bob Neal. On the Republican ticket will be former Sheriff Paul Vescovo.

Treasurer Carol McCaslin and Public Administrator Debbie Gwin are both seeking reelection.

The biggest take away from all this. What’s with the Democrats? It’s like primary city against incumbents.

  1. Jim Murray says:

    Paul Vescovo is by far the best choice for Clay County Sheriff.
    He did a great job before and he will bring integrity back to the Sheriff’s Office.

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:


      While I agree that Paul Vescovo is the best choice. It’s always good to include a little background when you make a statement about “bringing back integrity.”

  2. Bob says:

    Clay County has the very best Sheriff currently in office. See no need to change.

    Current Sheriff has upgraded the department once run and allowed to degrade under Vescovo. Why would anyone want to take not just one step back but several if Vescovo returns?

    Neal use to be a bar buddy with Judge Norris. Let’s keep the Sheriff at arms length from the folks wearing those black robes!!!

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