It is always good to keep an eye on “academics” in times like these, because sometimes they make arguments that ought to scare the crap out of you. Like this one, after-birth abortion.

Sheila Jackson Lee and Jan Schakowsky, showing the commitment to principle we’ve come to expect, refuse to condemn Bill Maher.

Barack Obama, America’s most biblically hostile President, ever. It has always been my contention that Barack Obama is an Atheist that uses religion to accomplish political goals. I do agree David with Barton’s claim here.

The vetting continues on Obama has been tied to radical professor Derrick Bell. Bell has been called the Jeremiah Wright of academia. Professor Obama assigned some of Bell’s most radical and racially inflammatory writings at the University of Chicago Law School.

Obama relied particularly heavily upon Bell’s major work, Race, Racism, and American Law (1973). Now in its sixth edition, the book lays out Bell’s Critical Race Theory, which is based on the Alinskyite presumption that all of law is a construct–not of justice, but of power exercised by whites against blacks.”

Bell says whites might enslave blacks.

Obama’s beloved law professor: Derrick Bell

Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race. Obama and other students rallied to Bell’s side after Bell quit teaching in an attempt to force Harvard to implement race-based hiring policies.”

Derrick Bell: Liberal whites are oppressors.

Let me stop you before you say that this was Obama in college and surely he has moderated some. Doubtful, Bell visited the White House twice in 2010.

Derrick Bell and racist, nut Louis Farrakhan BFFs?

The liberal media is of course beside itself. The most hilarious comes from CNN and Soledad O’Brien.

Who would have thought? Michelle Obama was an occupier for “racial justice.”

Be a part of a business revolution, join the Markdown Marketplace.

Congressional pressure for Eric Holder’s resignation grows.

Gallup unemployment poll shows 9.1%, I wouldn’t trust the governments numbers at 8.3%

Student debt is the next bubble to pop.

Outstanding piece from Harvard historian Niall Ferguson written for John Mauldin’s investment newsletter.

Faith based movies brought in more money that liberal counterparts in 2011.

Israel requests bunker-buster bombs. This is a sign Israel is getting closer to strike Iran.

Crazy, radical leftist, grandma Professor Frances Fox Piven issues dark prediction on Occupy Wall Street, “This spring, we’ll see action.”


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