Why is Occupy Wall Street left off of a list of hate groups…that includes the Tea Party.

Obama’s SuperPAC argues that “c-nt” and “tw-t” are not as bad as slut. Really?

Michelle Bachmann pushes for a “no confidence” vote on our manslaughtering Attorney General Eric Holder.

Over half of President Obama’s top 47 fundraisers have been given jobs in the White House. Thankfully this practice is illegal…oh, wait…. Well, I’m sure they were chosen on merit.

It is amazing the extent that the left will go to defame people. NBC recently aired an episode of “30 Rock” that mocks Glenn Beck with a scene about crying and a prostitute. Remember, GE owns NBC, the CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt is a gigantic Obama supporter. You see how this works?

A great video emerged this past week from ShePAC. Bill Maher: Obama’s Million Dollar Man


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