It’s hard to believe, but I have been at this politicking for about four years now. I don’t exactly remember when I did it, but sometime before the 2008 election I took my housing division’s email directory, entered every email into an email list, and sent them a letter begging them not to vote for this Marxist that we now have running our country. Since then I have worked tirelessly to spread a message of economic and personal freedom to anyone that would listen.

The question in the title of this piece is really the wrong question. It should be, how do you stop your friends and family from voting for Obama? At the end of the day, they are the ones that are responsible for this nightmare.

This is the reality that we are faced with in this coming election. To stop Obama you have to stop the people in your life from doing the wrong thing. At this point I don’t care who the Republican nominee is, but the reality is they will be a better President.

I often hear conservative friends who are moderately interested in politics say something to the effect of, “How can anyone still support this President?” It’s a legitimate question that actually deserves some attention.

You have to first understand who the ‘average’ American that voted for Obama is. They really know little about history. They spend hours in front of a TV or video game system. What little news they consume comes from the alphabet soup networks of ABC, NBC, and CBS. These networks are horribly biased and present a view of the world that is inaccurate and sorely lacking in truth. Because this average person spends 40-60 hours at a job and has the responsibility of life and children they feel comforted by the fact that they at least turned on the news in the evening. After all, they have hours of brainless dramas and reality TV shows to distract them, unless of course this is the night they have to run little Billy to baseball practice or little Julie to dance. Hey, there is always the DVR! The average American instead of feeling excited, feels burdened to vote. They will go and cast their ballot for the guy (or gal) that was able to demonize their opponent enough on ads seen during their reality TV show. All the while they curse and cry how they can’t stand those sickening political ads.

The average American suffers from what can be termed a “normalcy bias.” They frame their reality in what they want to see. It’s funny, I see it everyday from intelligent people who just refuse to go the extra mile to learn, to read, and to research. Or, they fit part, or all of the description given in the last paragraph.

This is why the ‘average’ American scoffs at an accusation of Obama being a “Marxist.” They couldn’t tell you the difference between Marxism, capitalism, or socialism. Heck, they probably think Marx was just some comedian from the early 1900s.

The reality is President Barack Obama is a Marxist. It’s a political ideology, not an insult. The problem is it is an incredibly dangerous political philosophy. Mr. Obama has to go in 2012. If not this country is in a world of trouble. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that we don’t survive into 2016 as a 50 state federal system.

My point in this long drawn out diatribe is that it is up to you to do everything you can to wake up the ‘average’ American that is in your family and get them out to vote out Obama in November. The other focus must be on winning the House and the Senate. We also need to focus on removing incumbents inside of the Republican party that have been much of the problem over the last 10-15 years. The “establishment” must go.

So how do you wake up the “average” American in your life?

  1. You must read and do your research. You should at least be reading 1-2 non-fiction books a month. Educate yourself and question everything. Know why you believe what you believe. Read books on economics especially, so many Americans know nothing about this important topic.
  2. Do not be afraid to engage that “average” person in a political conversation. Don’t get rude. Challenge them to think and expect them to question with boldness. Ask them to prove their argument and where they get their “facts” At the end of the day you have to be willing to lose that “friend” or that family member if they don’t want to listen. Folks, it’s not about keeping family and friends right now, it’s about making sure this country survives.
  3. Learn to use social media and web applications to spread the message. Your Facebook page can be your biggest weapon. Post articles that spread the truth and do it unapologetically.
  4. Use your email. Please quit forwarding the emails with the 18 point font that is written in different colors. Only forward items that are researched, sourced, and come from a legitimate source. Quit with the jokes, too. Don’t be afraid to send emails to friends that you wouldn’t normally forward political stuff to. Encourage others to do the same.
  5. As we get closer to election time, send letters to the editors of local newspapers. The Star is probably a waste of time, but it does not hurt.
  6. Do not get your news from ABC, CBS, and NBC. My daily sources include the Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and Big Government. Fox News is a more trusted source, but it’s still not the best.
  7. Turn off media that insults your values. I am fascinated at how many conservatives watch just utter trash for entertainment. Instead, use this time to educate yourself and others.

This time is different. You better wake up and realize that!


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