Jeremiah Wright (you know, Obama’s pastor that he knew little about, but set in the pews and listened to for 20 years) on Derrick Bell, Jesus, and the Jews: a sermon Obama could not have missed.

The double standard in America is absolutely unbelievable! Conservatives so much as breath wrong on the topic of hate we are attacked, but complete racist pieces of trash like Louis Farrrakhan do it and no one minds.

The outcry for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign continues to grow. I called Congressman Sam Graves office to ask if he was on this. I found out he was one of the original 50 to call for Holder’s resignation. Way to go!

A Communist Party news site has honored a US Congressman by the name of Danny Davis. In 2004 Obama said about the same Congressman in a speech to the Teamsters, “He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country…because he shares our values.” But, Obama is not a Marxist, he believes in capitalism and American ideals. If you believe that, you are clueless.


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