Shhh!!!!! I’m running for Governor, please don’t tell people I’m wrong on ANYTHING!!!!

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Missouri Governor
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As you may know, I’m not a big Dave Spence fan. I have met Mr. Spence, I found him to be intelligent, accomplished, and a decent candidate for Governor. Unfortunately for Mr. Spence, I find that Bill Randles is a better candidate. I believe that Mr. Randles has a far better grasp on the issues than Mr. Spence and will make a better governor. He has a solid grasp of the constitution and will be a catalyst for growth in Missouri.

I had an interesting experience recently. I have posted some criticism of Mr. Spence on my blog and Twitter. Last Saturday I’m up at the parents house with my wife watching my Jayhawks hang on for dear life, and I get a text message from a friend of mine. Now, I respect this friend, but he is a bit of a political “insider” in the sense that he has worked for an elected official in Jeff City. I do believe he hates the party structure in Missouri as much as I do. He’s a big Dave Spence supporter. Hey, nothing wrong with that, I just don’t agree.

Anyway, said friend proceeds to tell me how Mr. Randles has no chance. (It appears my meanderings have a small bite.) I’m told there’s a “science” to these things (yeah, I learned that when I studied POLITICAL SCIENCE), and Mr. Randles can’t win in the primary. Mr. Spence has the ability to raise real money, and if you look at the MEC reports so far Mr. Spence is doing quite well in the fundraising department, of course a self donation to your own campaign of $2 million dollars does a lot of good things for a campaign. (Never mind the fact that the National Republican Governor’s Association has promised to support whoever wins the primary.)  The thing that really floored me, and kind of irritated me, is I was asked to not say negative things publicly about Mr. Spence. Turns out said friend has made a hobby of this with other influential people in my area.

You see, there’s this thing called a PRIMARY. In it voters from around the state go and decide who they want to run in the GENERAL ELECTION. During the PRIMARY members of the same political party run AGAINST one another.

I have said nothing “negative” that is not true so far. Mr. Spence had some issues early on with his credentials on his website. Originally his website claimed he had a degree in economics, he actually had a degree in home economics. I’m not sure whether it was intentional, or in the early development of his website some idiot created a gigantic gaffe for him. You can decide on that one yourself. I met the man, part of me believes it was a mistake by the people that created his site, but at the end of the day you are held responsible for the actions of those that work for you. I’ll let you decide how much of an issue that is. Then my recent post that stirred up this little dust-up was on the issue of Mr. Spence understanding the purpose of the electoral college. I think this is a big deal. While Governor is a state executive, I expect my state executive to have a firm grasp of the US constitution.

What’s even more entertaining is that my friend actually agreed the comment was a huge mistake. He just wanted me to make sure I message him or contact the Spence campaign in the future. I guess this way there is no negatives out there for them to contend with. Let me reiterate, I’m voting for BILL RANDLES. When your candidate screws up, says something I don’t agree with, or is just wrong. I’m going to call him on it. Get used to it.

Oh, just so there is no confusion. I’ll plant a yard sign, and I’ll vote for Dave Spence in the general election without even batting an eye. Governor Nixon is a joke who has by and large escaped scrutiny because the local media sucks even more than the national media does. I actually think that the governor’s race in Missouri is a small victory for the Tea Party. There is no establishment Republican running for Governor. I would say that Mr. Spence and Mr. Randles are both insiders. However, I do think the establishment will coalesce around Spence. Mr. Randles scares the crap out of them because it will be the nail in the coffin for the old guard of the Republican party in Missouri.

So, vote Bill Randles in August (just be really careful not to say anything negative about his primary opponent in the interim).


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