Anyone that has followed my meanderings for some time know that I am an ardent defender of Glenn Beck. Everything that the mainstream media has made him out to be is completely unfounded. Read on and you will find out why.

For those that don’t know (which I’m not really sure how that is possible) Beck left Fox News about a year ago and started his own online TV network called GBTV. Beck has said since the inception of the network that GBTV is not a noun, it is a verb. This week he proved it with four shows that are all directed at action. Each day was represented by a verb. The third day’s show was called “Live It,” and it is the one that I wanted to talk to you about today.

This summary comes from the 9/12 Project Meetup Page:

Today’s episode was Step 3: Live It. Living out our actions by doing what we know is right even when we are being told our actions are wrong.

We need to ask ourselves the fundamental question.

Who are we (as individuals) going to be? Are we going to:
– Be charitable
– Live a life of honor
– Love your fellow man
– Be a source of hope for someone else
– Be a force for good
– Be a shelter during the storm so others know they are not alone

There is an increasing emergence of the ‘nanny state’ today.

The message from big government is becoming clearer each and every day that only government, not Americans, can help Americans. Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”” This is done through the endless entitlement programs and regulations. There are 80,000 pages of regulations on the books. Now granted some regulations are needed, but when it becomes illegal to sell a 16 oz. soft drink in NYC, or when it becomes an arrestable offense in Orlando to feed someone who is hungry then it has gone to far. At times like these we should not be silent. We know this is wrong because we can feel it, deep down. What happens if don’t speak out on what we know to be wrong? Well, eventually that feeling/that burning light that tells us to say “No, this is wrong” will fade away.

We need to look at what regulations will universally pull us together? What regulations will unite us instead of divide us. Instead of being focused on left and right, we should be focused on right and wrong.

Glenn provided us with the life lesson from Pauliana, who was 16 years old when her family was living in a Polish ghetto during World War II. During that time a Jew could only eat 230 calories a day. Also, it was illegal for any person to feed a Jew. The punishment for feeding a Jew was death for the whole family. One day Pauliana met a Jewish girl who asked her for some food. During supper that night Pauliana told her family she was going to feed the Jewish girl. The family was startled at first, but then the mother stood up and agreed with Pauliana, because they knew it was the right thing to do. The next day Pauliana brought the girl a cup of soup. Her family went on to feed 500 Jews during the war, but it all started with just one cup of soup. Pauliana learned that she was not going to follow the others around her and by jumping off a figurative ‘cliff’, but instead remain a human being and follow her moral ‘natural’ reasoning. Pauliana knew that she answered to a higher calling and that the righteous do not suddenly become righteous, but refused to go off that ‘cliff’.

Part of the ‘Restoring Love’ event this summer is a national food drive.

Tonight Glenn provided four ways to get involved with the Mercury One – Restoring Love Food Drive:
1. If you are able, make a monetary donation to the food drive
2. Make a food purchase on the virtual grocery store for the food drive
3. Support and assist in the food drive of a participating 9/12 group
4. Encourage politicians to get involved in the drive

Here is a link to tonight’s episode: http://www.glennbeck….

For more details on the food drive go to: http://www.mercuryone…

A food drive is just one way we can demonstrate our love, charity, and goodwill towards others, and show everyone who we are.

This is from an email I received today from Mercury One:

Mercury One is proud to announce we have partnered with Glenn Beck to launch a National Food Drive. Following Restoring Love on July 28th, 11 tractor-trailers of food will leave Cowboys Stadium and go to 11 cities in need. Although this drive will be massive in scale, it also stands for something much larger. This drive is a statement to America that part of the country will still stand for their neighbors during their hour of need no matter what regulations the government instills. This food drive is based on common sense and basic goodness toward your neighbor.

At a time when there is increasing homelessness and hunger, why are city governments across the country making it increasingly difficult for you, your neighbors, churches and synagogues to feed the hungry? Why when we have a record number of kids going hungry in America are our politicians trying to restrict acts of charity?

Enough is enough.

With this initiative, Mercury One will supply food where it is needed. 11 cities, towns, and communities in need have been selected for immediate relief and Mercury One will be sending one tractor-trailer of food to each location following Restoring Love. It starts with us. Together we can make mankind our business and charity our promise. Please join our Food Drive and make the pledge of service to your neighbor in their greatest hour of need.

The 11 cities being helped are Detroit, MI * Navajo Reservation, NM * New Orleans, LA * Las Vegas, NV * San Joaquin Valley County, CA * New York, NY * Orlando, FL * Philadelphia, PA * Dallas, TX * Houston, TX * Wilmington, OH.

I am going to donate money, but I want to see if something can be organized more on the local level here in the metro. I think it would be incredible to see if we couldn’t get our elected officials and candidates involved. As conservatives (and Republicans) we often preach about how we like to help other people, and many of us do. Can you imagine the message sent to the progressive leftists if we were able to send 100 tractor trailers full of food across this country?

Just so you know, 11 semi-trailers were filled in 6 minutes the night of the show. The next goal is 25 semi-trailers.


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