Vic Hurlbert: Keeping Government Accountable (Sort of…OK, not really, but it’s a nice thing to claim, and looks great on a mailer)

Posted: July 8, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Missouri House
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If you live in the newly created Missouri House District 16 you have probably received one of these mailers:

Now to the average voter (the one who pays little attention to local politics and probably voted for William Norris) this probably looks really nice. Red, white, and blue, patriotic, and he sounds conservative enough. As is usual in American politics, the truth is far more ugly.

Let’s jump in our time machine and go way back to January 2009. I know that’s a long time ago, I can barely remember it myself! While here in 2009, we discover that Vic Hurlbert is resigning as Clay County Auditor due to an ongoing investigation by Special Prosecutor Tim Dollar for mismanagement and misconduct during his tenure in office. Keeping government accountable, baby!

For your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded a pdf of the affidavit alledging illegal conduct and request for investigation and prosecution. Also included is the statement of probable cause. I have gone through it and underlined some of the more interesting parts.

While there is much inside of the document to comment on, I did want to highlight one specific thing regarding the now infamous wall that current Clay County Commissioner Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert constructed. From page 2 of the Statement of Probable Cause, “Purchase Order 06-11381 for Robert Rule of Kearney, Missouri, was approved by Deputy Auditor, for $400.00, with the invoice attached for payment. This expense was charged to Budget 100-630-245 (General Fund, External Services, Family Services), described in the budget as ‘Personal care to assist individuals and families with immediate and unusual needs (food vouchers).” In other words, to build their wall they used money that had been set aside to help poor people. Way to go!

Hurlbert was never guilty of any “criminal” wrongdoing, but the whole “Keeping Government Accountable” thing can be tossed out the window. Currently Vic is named alongside current Clay County Commissioner Pam Mason as defendants in another active case that relates to the construction of the wall inside the courthouse. For more information go to Casenet and look up case #10CY-CV11679  COUNTY OF CLAY V PAMELA S MASON ETAL.

Mr. Hurlbert’s primary opponent is Noel Shull. I really think the choice is simple, but remember this is the county that elected William Norris in a primary AND a general election. So, hey, anything is possible. Make sure you let your friends know about this, and please get out and vote in the Republican primary August 7.

  1. Gabe says:

    A much more interesting platform would be:

    * Eliminating bureaucratic regulations completely

    * Putting a moratorium in place to prevent any future regulations

    * Eliminating business permits

    * Keeping government out of “health care”

    Quoting Marco Rubio? Is it so hard to come up with an original statement?

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