In the Spirit of Equity, Another Dis-endorsement

Posted: July 19, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Clay County Offices, Missouri House
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Yesterday on the blog I singled out Representative Ryan Silvey for his endorsement of Vic Hurlbert. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy. Almost immediately I received a direct message through Twitter asking if I was going to “attack Sen. Ridgeway for endorsing” Vic.

Well, my meanderings (rantings according to Rep. Silvey) have always been consistent. So in the spirit of equity, Ms. Ridgeway should receive the same treatment as Rep. Ryan Silvey in her upcoming race for County Commissioner.

Rep. Silvey seemed perplexed at my decision. “My endorsement doesn’t change my record of accomplishment or my principled votes in Jeff City, so I’m confused how that DQ’s me in your mind.”

To Mr. Silvey’s point, of course it doesn’t change any good that Rep. Silvey may have done in Jefferson City. It is something else entirely.

I guess I am a little different than most people. Character matters, and past actions and behaviors determine one’s character. I consider myself a pretty fair person, and I generally don’t take one person’s word about someone or something. The fundamental problem that I have run into with Mr. Hurlbert is that it is numerous people that tend to share the same opinion of Mr. Hurlbert. That opinion is one that has bipartisanship agreement.

Mr. Silvey seems to think that Vic did a good job auditing the county when he served in that capacity. Three county commissioners in 2008 (2 Democrats and 1 Republican) were willing to sign a Statement of Probable Cause, a legal document, that states that was not the case.

If Mr. Hurlbert was so wronged then he should have stood and fought the allegations. Instead, he resigned and ran. The guy has stuffed nearly $200,000 into two elections in the last two years. It’s not like he is incapable of producing wealth. In my crazy world, truth trumps money, and you fall on your own sword if you are in the right. If you are in the wrong, you own your behavior, you suffer the consequences, you learn from them, and you move on.

In the political world an endorsement is two things for me. First, and least important, it is simply a statement that says politically you have done the things that matter with regards to your political platform. We are not always going to agree on these, but as long as there is general consensus, we are good. Second, and more importantly, it is someone using their honor and integrity to vouch for another person. There is no compromising here. In this case Rep. Silvey and Sen. Ridgeway is saying that Vic Hurlbert is good in both of these areas. Everything that is in my field of vision right now says that this is just not true. Truth has no agenda. For me, the character ethic precedes any political principle. This nation is in the shape it is in because we have continuously elected people to public life that have no character ethic. Until we figure this out, we are not going to improve anything.

Mr. Hurlbert has always been welcome to respond to any of my accusations. Instead, he has never once tried to contact me. Not to speak, is to speak. Well, okay, you might count this as contact. An oldies, but a goodie, Is Vic Hurlbert Commenting on My Blog?

  1. kcredsox says:

    I find it very disturbing that Silvey doesn’t understand why you disagree with his endorsement. Just because you are conservative doesn’t mean you always vote for republican candidate, why should he have to endorse a corrupt wanna be republican. Silvey just lost my vote also.

    • Marilyn Hilton says:

      Before the new flyer today, I e-mailed Ryan Silvey about the litigation against Vic Hurlbert and
      then he must have been irritated with me because he went on a tirade abut a vendetta against
      Vic.( a page long.) He said there was a spat with Ed Quick. He said to save the taxpayers money he resigned. There is ongoing litigation against Vic and Pam but for some reason he couldn’t see
      it. I usually vote republican but I too look for the character of the person. Power has corrupted
      him into thinking or maybe it’s political payback to.Viic or something ing in the future. Thank God we have term limits in Missouri
      If I liked a Democrat and he was the best person I would give them money and my vote, which looks like I will do in the Nov. election.
      I am a novice in the local political arena but something doesn’t smell right to me.

  2. Jan B says:

    I have lived in Clay County for a long time andVic Hurlbert has done many things that would keep me from voting for him. I have seen both he and his present wife Pam Mason have signs for democratic candidates in their yard. I remembr when he keept the books for our Jr. ball team and he couldn’t even get that right. Silvey leaves his wife just months after their child is born. They are both poster children for what is wrong with politics. Neither will get my vote and I would tell anyone I know not to vote for them.

  3. marilyn says:

    So much for endorsements which don’t say much about the true character of the candidate. Luann
    Ridgeway has endorsed many candidates so far she must have forgotten who she’s endorsing.
    I remember 3 months ago Ryan Silvey received Sly James endorsement and he’a a Democrat.
    He’s too hypocritical for me. I’m voting for Noel Shull for 16th district representative because he’s not been involved in lawsuits before and he has the character to be in government, which is hard to find
    these days.Vic and Pam are pouring lots of money into this race, makes you wonder what his endorsements want from him. Hopefully, the 16,000 voters in the district will wise up.

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