Have you ever seen the Cathy Rinehart letter where both Pam Mason and Vic Hurlbert endorsed Cathy Rinehart for Clay County Assessor?

Our conservative hero Vic Hurlbert says “Cathy Rinehart runs the most financially solvent and well managed office in Clay County.” And our conservative hero’s wife says “Cathy is a person of honesty and integrity. She is so thrifty she can squeeze a Buffalo nickel until it cries.” (As a side note, that is quite possibly the dumbest endorsement statement I have ever seen.”

Yes folks, the same Cathy Rinehart who has cost the taxpayers of Clay County $1.2 million dollars to settle four sexual harassment law suits. Of that amount, the county paid $400,000 and the insurance trust paid $800,000. Just imagine how many unauthorized walls the county could have built with that? Oh, wait…

Oh, yeah, and then there is this. A FIFTH law suit filed against Clay County and Cathy Rinehart’s office on July 24th.

The case type?

CC Employmnt Discrmntn 213.111

Financially solvent, integrity, and Buffalo nickels…or something.


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