Does Vic Hurlbert know he is running for the Missouri House of Representatives?

Posted: August 3, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Missouri House
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I was looking at a Vic Hurlbert mailer the other day, and I caught something strange. This chart appears on one side of the mailer.

Now if you look closely at the bottom of the chart you will find this.

This is a chart illustrating the growth of federal regulations. In other words, regulations implemented in Washington, DC. While it is a scary reality, federal regulations are completely out of control, it is deceptive to show this chart because there is little Mr. Hurlbert can do about this in Jefferson City. Or, as the title of this post implies, Mr. Hurlbert does not know the difference between the roles and responsibilities of the federal government and the state government.



  1. worldgeo04 says:

    I received more Vic Hurlbert mailers. I’m beginning to think there is something mentally wrong with him to keep sending these. Give the mailperson a break!

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