They both are bad liars.

Vic Hurlbert is showing his true colors with last minute mailers that present easily disprovable outright lies about his opponent Noel Shull. I present to you one of Mr. Hulbert’s most recent mailers.

This stems from the problem with Mr. Shull’s Midwest Democracy Survey. Hurlbert cites an image of survey results from the Midwest Democracy Project on May 14, 2012, they are posted on his website.

Here is a screen shot of it in case Vic tries to take it down.

Unfortunately, what Vic is not doing is telling you the truth. Here is what happened. The incredibly talented folks down at the falling Star originally posted the wrong survey responses for Shull. Unfortunately, they didn’t catch it in time and Mr. Hurlbert printed the original survey responses they posted. This is what you see above. This is why Hurlbert has tried to call Mr. Shull a flip-flopper on his Twitter feed. The current survey results don’t even mention voter id. Neither do Mr. Hurlbert‘s nor Mr. Shull‘s individual survey responses.

Here is a current screen shot of the race comparison from Midwest Democracy Project.

Does Vic Hurlbert have the decency to tell you the truth? No, of course not. Character is not a word in his vocabulary.

Need proof Mr. Hurlbert is lying?

From the falling Star Wednesday August 1st.

From Mr. Shull’s Facebook Page, posted June 16th.

And from his website.

Another mailer that Mr. Hurlbert sent out continues to perpetuate this outright lie.

Oh, so let me get this straight? It is bad for Mr. Shull to support Ed Quick who is a Democrat, but it is okay for Vic Hurlbert and Pam Mason to endorse a Democrat (Cathy Rinehart) who cost the county over a million dollars in sexual harassment lawsuits.

I want you to think long and hard about this. Do you really want Vic Hurlbert in Jefferson City making decisions about your government (schools, roads, social services, etc.) when he will so blatantly lie to the people of his own party?

Noel Shull supports voter photo id. Vic Hurlbert is a liar. Make your choice accordingly.

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