Vic Hurlbert Avoiding the Truth…Again

Posted: August 6, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Missouri House
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In a post written by Dave Helling entitled “Old MD survey errs in Missouri House Race“, this morning the KC Star’s Midwest Democracy Project issued a statement regarding the incorrect posting of survey results for state representative candidate Noel Shull regarding the issue of voter photo identification. Candidate Vic Hurlbert has been spreading inaccuracies about Mr. Shull’s position on the issue. He has even gone as far as to run a TV ad with his wife, current Clay County Commissioner Pam Mason, accusing Mr. Shull of being against photo voter ID.

Here is what the post said:

In the GOP primary for Missouri’s 16th House seat, an apparent computer error has tripped up candidate Noel Shull.

Opponent Vic Hurlberthas posted a picture of an old Midwest Democracy survey in which Shull appears to say he opposes photo ID for voting.

The survey — which is based on old questions and has not been available for some time — appears to have mistakenly posted an inaccurate answer. We regret the computer error.

Shull supports photo ID in Missouri.

I decided to post on Vic’s Facebook page around noon to ask him if he would apologize for his incorrect attacks.

True to form, instead of own up to a mistake and tell someone the truth Mr. Hurlbert simply deleted my comment and my post. Truth has no agenda, but Vic Hurlbert sure does.

Screen shot taken at 2:03 PM.



  1. Brad says:

    I suppose Josh Hurlbert is relation?

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