The most hilarious opinion-editorial ever!

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Free Speech
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Some of you may have seen my Chick-Fil-A piece published last week in the NPG newspapers. This week, they published a piece by Robert M. Shettles, husband of Sarah Jo Shettles. Ms. Shettles ran against Congressman Sam Graves a few terms ago.

I originally thought that I would reply to his editorial, then upon further thought (after I finished laughing), I realized just encouraging you to read this would do as much damage to his point. I especially loved the accusation of fascism. LOL!!!!


I am angry that the News-Press & Gazette Co. placed an editorial on the front page of the Liberty Tribune and portrayed it as news. The article (GOP gets out vote across Clay County, Aug. 16) contained mostly editorial content in the guise of news.

I am well aware that NPG is a front for the Missouri Republican Party. I believe that a principle aim of NPG assets is to further the election of Republicans candidates across Missouri.

I have been disgusted with the content of NPG newspapers for years. I looked the other way when newspapers were delivered by community kids so as to provide them subscription money. But NPG has dumped the kids, and I can plainly state that your Republican Party-oriented newspapers stink. I would stop giving my money to have the Liberty Tribune mailed to my home, except my wife, Sara Jo, continues to read it. Perhaps in a couple of months, I will be able to proudly stop the filthy paper.

Meanwhile, I will direct my disgust toward the Liberty Tribune and other assets of the NPG company by:

• venting my opinion to the Clay County public via Facebook and other Internet outlets, and I will do so continuously over the next months and years.

• expressing my opinion to the effect that any person subscribing to an NPG publication should cancel.

• voicing my negative opinion of the NPG company to advertisers.

I am keenly disappointed that the Liberty Tribune did not comment on the approved constitutional amendment that is touted to ensure:

• that the right of Missouri citizens to express their religious beliefs shall not be infringed;

• that school children have the right to pray and acknowledge God voluntarily in their schools and;

• that all public schools shall display the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

Anybody with any brains knows that this tripe is for the benefit of fearful adult Republican Christians who are going to hell. Kids don’t read the Constitution.

The printing of Andrew Palmer’s blog in the Tribune, “Free speech is something to cluck about,” signals your approval of his opinion.

Palmer says, “Dear liberals, Americans are sick and tired of your bullying behavior.”

The printing of the Palmer article is typical of your slanted opines. For your God’s sake, the people who objected to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s statement were not liberal, not conservative, not Hindu, not Catholic. They are, in the vernacular, “a-holes.”

Mr. Cathy was well within his constitutional rights in making his statement about marriage. But what is direly wrong is that newspapers like the Tribune adroitly engineer Republican ideology into their newsprint by allowing flunky writers such as Andrew Palmer to spew lies. He attacked the dreaded “liberals,” and of course, everybody in the U. S. knows the name of the party of liberals: the Democratic Party.

Lastly, I know that the label “Conservative Republican” is merely a synonym for “implementing fascist beliefs and practices through state control.”

Robert M. Shettles lives in Liberty.


  1. Robert M. Shettles says:

    Yippers, Mrs. Editor – in this time of ugly political happenings across Missouri and the U. S.,
    your labeling of my Liberty Tribune editorial as “hilarious” is “hilarious and also funny”!
    I stand by all of my editorial content, complete with my description of Republicans as being fascist.
    Look up the definition of fascist. You’ll gain eye opening knowledge about your party’s politics.
    The party pushes Government control of you and I by litigating “Voter-ID” where there is zero need, “pro-life” is the fraud-mechanism to limit American women’s RIGHTS and to stoop to low hanging fruit and bring in weak minded citizens, the Republican U. S. House blocks nearly all legislation with hope of painting President Obama as weak. Need I go on ? Lastly, you spelled by wife’s name as “Sarah” – spell it correctly, “Sara.”

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      Dang, you just had to get me to say something. First off, that would be Mr. Editor, so I figure we’re about even for your wife’s name.

      You want to talk about definitions, then we can do that.

      From Merriam-Webster:

      Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

      Now I only have a degree in political science, so I probably don’t know what I am talking about, but I’ll give it a go. In America fascism really has no place on the normal left/right political spectrum. Republicans, which by the way is not my party, have no more incidence of fascistic tendencies than the Democrat party. You are using the term with the intent of accusing the “extreme” of the right to be fascist. Actually, the “extreme” right side of the political spectrum in America culminates in complete freedom from the state (anarchism). I tend to fall somewhere between conservatism and libertarianism. I know the words may be big for you, but a “centralized autocratic government” is nothing that is promoted by the right in this country. In fact, centralization of control is advocated far more by the left in this country. In fairness, it tends to be advocated by Progressives in both parties who tend to occupy the center-left of the political spectrum. In America, the left side of the political ideology spectrum culminates in communism with is very similar to fascism with regards to governmental control. The difference between fascism and communism really has to do with the nationalistic and race based fervor that arises. One could say that FDR was a bit of a fascist, after all he did call for stronger controls at the Federal level, led America into a nation based pro-American fervor to fight the Germans, and then was the guy that threw Japanese-Americans into internment camps. Now, I don’t fault FDR for getting us geared up to go to war, but otherwise he was a worthless piece of crap that cared little about human freedom.

      In America, political ideology can be viewed as a straight line. In Europe it is viewed as more of a circle with fascism and communism reflecting one another very much in many ways, the difference once again is the nationalistic fervor that arises. Both are extremes (meaning far out of the norm) here and there, the fundamental difference is that our government tends to distill these two mentalities. Plus, the political spectrums are just different, this has a lot to do with the philosophical beginnings of government on each continent.

      Now, I really haven’t hit much on the racial aspect of fascism (with the exception of FDR and the Japanese), but once again this is nothing that is exclusive to the left or right. Historically one could make a pretty solid argument that the Democrat party has had far more tendencies towards fascism. After all, it was the Democrat party that was the party of the south in and after the Civil War. Now the Democrat party that led the old South very much was a group of fascists. After all, it was these very Democrats that elevated nation and race above the rights of the black man and woman. Do you know your history very well Mr. Shettles?

      Calling for a Voter ID is not fascistic. If it is then I guess something like 70% of the American people, including many minorities are fascists. If asking a person to produce an ID is fascistic, then so is asking a person to produce an ID for alcohol. There is quite a bit of need for Voter ID and there is plenty of video evidence to prove the point.

      I’m actually kind of glad that the Republicans in the house block all legislation from this President. Especially when you look at his Marxist tendencies and positions that are quite opposite the core of the American public. The majority of this country is conservative, hate to break it to you. I can give you a lesson on both Obama’s Marxism and why our founders designed this system to work this way, but I would hate to overload you with too much intellectual thought. Oh, and the far left (i.e. Marxists and Communists) have been accusing the right of being fascists for decades. That’s very Saul Alinsky of you.

      Your welcome to “go on” anytime you want, but I doubt any of it will make much coherent sense. So, yeah, as I said, thanks for the entertainment. LOL!

  2. Amy Weaver says:

    Liberals are so lame-brained it isn’t even funny anymore. I mean, it’s easy to laugh (and I do) but it is really, really sad that our country has so many lame-brained people these days. How can we help them? Trying to reason with them doesn’t help. Laughing at them doesn’t help. Ignoring them doesn’t help. They are like the little children in the middle aisle of the grocery story on the floor throwing a hysterical fit, screaming and kicking. Hard to ignore, you want to laugh, you wish you could help the kid see how he looks. I swear, liberals need brain transplants!

  3. marilyn says:

    Did someone forget that in 2008, four ACORN workers were indicted for voter fraud here in KC.
    Fictitious names and dead people are being used.

  4. […] remember, according to the geniuses on the left (kind of like Robert M. Shettles), there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. Except here is this pesky undercover video that […]

  5. […] new friend here on the blog, Robert Shettles, assured us there is no need for voter-ID. Sorry Bobby, I just can’t let it be. Here is another one of your Democrat pals talking about […]

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