The Project: New documentary coming from TheBlazeTV

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Glenn Beck, Videos
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The enemy is radical Islam, and we need to quit being cowards about the topic.

  1. Robert M. Shettles says:

    I Got your email referencing Glen Beck’s, “The Project”. (I hope that’s correct)
    Well, — some efforts and judgement of Americans who rage against “Radical Islam” are off base.
    (Glen Beck, etc.) Their judgement is that the persons who kill/maim/destroy in the Middle East are doing so in the name of religion, Islam. This is not true, exactly. Radicals are out to collapse governments. They could be of the Muslim religion. But there’s no link from from the scriptures of Islam to wanton mass killing. Glen Beck is earning a very good living spewing hate against Islam and other targets as they arise.. Shame on Glen Beck and and all follow his hateful preaching.
    Besides, W. W. J. S. ? (what would Jesus say ?)

    • ClayCoMOPolitics says:

      Yeah, radical Islam only killed 3000 on September 11. Those that preach a radical form of Islam continue to work with the radicals on your side of the political spectrum to, as you say, collapse governments. I’ll actually grant you the point that not all Muslims are radicals. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a great example, but so many of your Democrat friends are too busy attacking him. Hey, here’s a thought, maybe you might actually watch the documentary. I am often fascinated at how blind people like you are to reality. There were a lot of people like you in the 1930s who thought Hitler wasn’t anything to worry about. And as I recall from my study of history, they usually were on your side of the political isle. A great read for you to learn about this would be “In the Garden of Beasts,” of course, it may not have enough pictures for you. And you are spot-on about the hate thing, and you can tell you have done your research on GLENN Beck because you nailed the spelling of his name.

      Come on back anytime for some more abuse Bobby, it’s fun having you around.

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