The “average” American is no better than a thug on the street

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Taxes
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I love survey research. It is one of the most fascinating fields inside of political science. Rasmussen Reports ran some numbers on the proposed tax hikes. Needless to say they are quite discouraging.

According to the poll, 57% of Americans favor raising taxes on those making more than $250,000. Somewhat matching these results, Fox News exit polling from the 2012 election shows that 47% of voters favor tax increases for those over $250,000.

I used to think the “average” American was a good and decent honest person. They valued fair play and equity. This election and these survey results have sure changed my perception.

If you are in agreement with this concept of sticking it to the rich you are no better than a thug on the street. You are morally equivalent to a thief who decides to take something from someone else because they want it. Please save your emotion filled rationalizations for this. At the end of the day the root of the root of your moral code is envy and greed. You care nothing about equality and equity. You want what they have, but because you don’t have it, you are just going to take it from them by force at the barrel of a gun. It is utterly disgusting, and I really do not recognize you as my fellow countrymen and women.

No, I’m not one of the rich. I am pretty much just like any “average” middle class American. I was raised in a middle to upper middle class home. I never was taught good financial management skills, and I was up to my eyeballs in debt as a newly married adult. You know what? I never blamed the rich. I never envied the rich. I realized I was acting stupid and fixed it! The last 5 years of my life has been spent scraping and crawling my way out of debt. My wife and I will be debt free with the exception of our house within the year. It is not some super-human exercise, it is just living within our means. It is called personal responsibility. Something you all suck at!

No amount of tax increases are going to get us out of this mess we are in. It is the spending! America has maxed out the credit cards, has two car loans that we can not afford, and the last four years was spent on a second mortgage. Guess what? It is not the wealthy’s responsibility to drag us out of this mess we are in. It is every American’s responsibility!

End rant…

  1. John Sanderford says:

    I feel it is a bit more complicated. The case made against the Obamanation was incremental, fragmented, and quite frankly did not add up in the tax revenue/defecit department. I feel (no polling) that 20 to 25% of those that voted for Obama, those that support such tax increases are suffering from denial rather that earnestly thugish. Having not been presented with a clear vision of the issues and real solutions, they just chose poorly between pointless platitudes.

  2. Greg says:

    Curious if you have ever heard of or seen any information on the post above?

    Thank you.

    Greg Lebold

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