One of the things that drive ignorance in America is how little so many read. I deal with this on a daily basis with my students. The aliteracy (we can read, we just don’t) of our middle class and poor will be this nation’s downfall if it continues. I can promise you, it is not the literate that are voting for free stuff.

So many Americans think they know what they are talking about, but if you actually ask them to state where they have read or studied it they stare at you like a deer caught in head lights. Furthermore, it seems to be a rule in modern American social interaction that we are supposed to respect the ignorant in the conversation as an equal and accept their point of view as equivalent to our own researched or read position, no matter how uninformed it is.

I came across a couple quotes today in a book called No More Dreaded Mondays that inspired this small Meandering.

Jim Rohn, perhaps the world’s leading motivator and speaker, says you can judge a person’s bank account by the size of his or her library. The marketing guru Dan Kennedy says he’s observed that people with tiny bank accounts tend to have no libraries, but they usually have big TVs.

A Stanford University study has indicated that if you read thirty to sixty minutes each day in your field of interest, in four to five years you will be a national authority.

All readers are leaders. Studies show that those who are readers are more positive, optimistic, and excited. Those who are not readers are more negative, pessimistic, and doubtful about their future.

According to research on the rich conducted by Thomas J. Stanley, the average millionaire in America reads 1 non-fiction book a month. In other words, they don’t steal it from anyone and they don’t owe you a dime of it.

I wonder today how many Kansas Citians will watch the loser Chiefs instead of read today? Start today taking a few minutes out of your day to read something if you are not.

What are you reading right now? And what are your thoughts on aliteracy in America?


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