An Interesting Comment Appeared Yesterday

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Clay County
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This comment appeared yesterday on the blog. I thought I would give it a little more visibility.

So, it’s January 25, 2013, and yes, Pam Mason got rid of Ruth Bocchino. Another person to mark off of her hit list. And you should find out how they got rid of Ms. Bocchino. I’ve never seen anyone treated with such disrespect and hatefulness. And for LuAnn Ridgeway to come into office and to bring in the daughter of a fellow congresswoman in Jeff City. While LuAnn purports to want to get rid of cronyism. Ha. What a joke. And to hire a little 27 year old daughter and to pay this little girl $12,000 more a year than the current salary? How does that happen? Not how, I know how these folks like to give themselves raises that Clay County doesn’t have. But why? Why do we as citizens not care enough to watch these people. I do hope that Charter Government passes this time. And the lawsuit against Pam Mason and Vic Hurlburt regarding the wall. My understanding it’s been dismissed. And LuAnn Ridgeway voted to dismiss it. She should have recused herself from the vote as she campaigned for Hurlburt when he ran for office. And she probably campaigned for Pam Mason as well. How much are these people going to cost the citizens of Clay County?

So, here’s what I am hearing. The 27-year-old daughter she is referring to is Nicole Brown. Ms. Brown served as Ms. Ridgeway’s legislative assistant in Jeff City. One theory that has been proposed is that she was brought in to fight charter government because Mason/Hurlbert/Ridgeway all don’t like it. This is just conjecture, but probable considering the people involved. There is a history between Ruth Bocchino and Vic Hurlbert that dates back to his days when he was serving as auditor.

The property damage case against Vic Hurlbert has been dismissed as of 1/22/2013. I just looked on CaseNet.

Remember folks, these people are all Republicans…

  1. jc says:

    Are both Clay and Platte Counties governing bases on personal agendas?

  2. John Sanderford says:

    Well if you look at the fecal cliff and debt ceiling votes….elected officials celling themselves Rebublicans evidently doesn’t mean that much anymore…

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