Two Perceptions of the 2013 Clay County Budget

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Clay County
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I received an email from Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen concerning the Clay County budget. Attached was a letter from the current Clay County Commissioners regarding the budget and also attached was her analysis.

Let’s just say that we have two different perceptions of the budget. 

First, the “sunshine and lollipops” letter from the Clay County Commissioners.

And then the bit more harsher statistical analysis from Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen.

Maybe the most concerning point from Ms. Ernzen’s analysis.

“This 2013 annual budget includes estimated revenues of $58.8 million and appropriations
for expenditures of $73.3 million. In order to balance the 2013 budget, the County
Commission will use $14.5 million of Clay County’s $19.7 million cash carryover
balance that was available at January 1, 2013. The budget anticipates that the cash
carryover balance at December 31, 2013 will decrease to $5.2 million. If this does occur,
budgetary appropriations will have to be significantly cut the following year or tax
revenue will have to be increased.”

Whatever the case, you be the judge.


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