I was recently contacted by and sat down with Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo. He shared with me some concerns about actions taken by the Clay County Commission.

On February 4, 2013 the Clay County Commission passed Resolution 2013-52 “establishing” the Clay County, MO Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Legally, the commission has not done anything wrong. As with any decision made by representatives, there is also a question of whether or not a decision is correct and appropriate for the citizens that these individuals represent.

Up until this point, the OEM has been under the responsibility of the Sheriff’s office. Former Clay County Sheriff, and Mason/Hurlbert crony, Bob Boydston had relocated the OEM within the Detention Center Building. Sherriff Vescovo’s concern is that Resolution 2013-52 has established the Emergency Operations Center in the same area as the “Clay County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Training Center.” The training center itself was built with funding from the Law Enforcement Sales Tax. Sheriff Vescovo sees this move by the Commission as a usurpation of his authority. In a letter issued to all the commissioners and provided to me, he stated that any persons improperly accessing the Law Enforcement Training Center without his permission is liable to arrest and prosecution.

While the above worries me, I have some other concerns. Why do we need to move the Office of Emergency Management away from the Sheriff’s office in the first place? Is it just me, or does the idea that in an actual emergency it would be good to have the Office of Emergency Management under the control of the Sheriff’s office appeal to you? Platte County has their OEM under the Platte County Sheriff’s Deparment. Does the Clay County Commission actually think that a sheriff who helped set up police forces in Afghanistan is really that unqualified to deal with emergencies?

This reeks of typical Mason behavior. You see, Mason and Hurlbert have an axe to grind against Sheriff Vescovo because he does not drink their Kool-Aid. Mason, aided by Commissioner Ridgeway and Commissioner Owen will probably do everything she can to rub what little power she has in Sheriff Vescovo’s face.

  1. don says:

    hello there I think we all understand the broader implications of what this is about. I travel in a 5 state area for a living and I’ve been paying attention lately the number of flags flying. the number of Texas Stars above houses and garages. the number of people displaying the American flag on their vehicles on their hats and apparel and each of them take their constitution very seriously now more than ever before it is so important that our sheriff’s stand together across the country and support our Constitution !

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