I was perusing my Facebook feed tonight when I came across this post from former Clay Countian Christopher Till. I think it speaks for itself with little comment needed.

“I’ve always been proud of my service and my service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

However, when Speaker Boehner came out and wanted the House of Representatives to vote for action in Syria, essentially becoming the Air Force of the group who tried to kill American Soldiers (to include myself and members of my company) in Iraq and has links to Al Qaeda, I felt that my year in Iraq was served in vain. I felt that one of my best friends from Basic Training, who was killed in Iraq, died in vain. And that is no feeling any veteran or soldier should ever have.

I am constantly told “Thank You for Your Service.” I did my service and I’m proud. If you want to thank me, thank my brothers and sisters in arms, honor my fallen friends, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and tell them that siding and supplying arms and our Navy and Air Force to people who fought against us is not the best way to thank and honor our veterans and soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

There is NO good reason to go into Syria. There is absolutely NO geopolitical advantage to an attack on Syria. I genuinely believe that if our Congress declares war on Syria, the American people, good and decent Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and conservatives should declare war (figuratively speaking) on our Senators and Congressman.

And for the record, and for those of you who still continue to fight this stupid Republican versus Democrat political game, I did NOT support the war in Iraq. It served no geopolitical advantage either and destabilized the balance of power in the region between Iran and Iraq. The problem with Progressives, Democrats and Republicans, is all they do is screw up the world. Bush made a mess, and if the Congress allows it, this one will create even bigger problems.


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