Brief Thoughts on the Debt Ceiling Vote

Posted: October 17, 2013 in 2014 Elections
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What happened last night was another example of the political class pissing on the head of the average American. Those of us that have sense enough to know spending is out of control and this country is on the wrong track were told to shut-up. 85 Republicans in the House and 18 Republicans in the Senate showed that they cared more about power than the constitution and rational thought. The beauty of our country is we still have the ability to change this, peacefully. There is an election coming up in a year. While we have little chance to change much in Washington, D.C. (Blunt’s not up until 2016 and our Congressman are generally tolerable here) here in Missouri, our money can easily change things in other states. Disgusting cowards like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are up for reelection and facing primary challenges. Don’t give another dime to the Republican party. Consider donating to FreedomWords and the Senate Conservatives Fund, and let’s get rid of these people that are a stain on what used to be a Grand Ole’ Party. 

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